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Inspired to Take the Kingdom – Influencers Walk in Faith — 4 Comments


    And I was JUST reading this morning about the lost son, but for some reason I focused on the lost OTHER son, Luke 15:25-32.

    The lost second son, not a prodigal son, but a deficient son.

    Luke 15:31 “And he [the father] said to him, “My child, you have always been with me, and ALL THAT IS MINE IS YOURS.”

    How many of us do NOT understand that God WANTS us to prosper, ALL that HE has is available to us, BUT, and this is the big but. WE have to become mature and grow INTO being able to handle what God WANTS to give us. But too often, we act like spoiled brats in a temper tantrum.

    Learn and grow, learn and grow.

    • Learning and growing is a given through life. The process is always there. But at some point, in my experience, there’s a reality that sets in and you have to make the decision to do whatever it takes to follow the path upon which God directs you and achieve the goal.

      For 40 years Moses and his minions wondered in the desert, but ultimately… He whipped them into shape and they headed for the land of milk and honey.

      I really believe we often spend too much time waiting until we’ve learned “it all” before we pickup our bed and follow Christ to the promised land.

      (I know my metaphors are twisted, but you’ll get this one.) When Jesus said, “Take up thy bed and walk.” The crippled man didn’t ask how he would carry the bed. He got up. He picked it up. And he started taking steps toward the other side of his previous reality.

      We have to TRUST that much.

    • What you hold in your spirit today, becomes your miracle tomorrow.

      What are you willing to hold onto, believe in, and carry through until tomorrow?

      This thought really hit me hard… What am I willing to believe enough to CARRY until tomorrow?

      Do I want to cave in and hold onto the pain, or move beyond the pain to healing restoration?

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