Just a warning, this message may not be of interest if you’re not into writing fiction at all. My writers join this same group, and sometimes I like to share a writer inspired moment. Enjoy.

inspiredNot a moment goes by that I don’t think of him.

“Thunder rumbles and lightning splinters the sky. Hardly a night goes by that I don’t dream of him, bold and mighty, black and shiny as the midnight stars racing across the prairie floor.”

Dahliance came out of a storm, the thundering realization of a stallion racing through the dark night. Inspired to write. Inspired to tell the story. Inspired by the reality of an existence so vast, so miraculous that anything less than purple prose and a thundering rampage would never be enough to describe the wholeness.


Is it inspiration? Authors have a  unique way of seeing sleeplessness. We often look at a restless night and see a blank page, a time of solitude to escape into our work in progress, or a new innovation, or an article to market our work. We see opportunity.

The chase of a lifetime, across the open plains, racing time. Racing the storm. Chasing our nightmares. Or running from the fright.

On any given night, I find inspiration several times, but the choice is mine – do I follow it? Do I write it? Or do I hide it away in my dreams until the light of dawn comes flowing in… Do I share it?

What do non-creative people do when they wake up in the middle of the night?

I write my dreams –

I remember the snow. Flakes glittered in the sunlight, bitter cold, but he stood tall and proud against the driving winds. Pure blue skies and Dahliance kept me holding on. I clung to the dream and survived the blizzard, though the mighty cold shivered to my bones and left me breathless, gasping for warmth.

I connect the dots –

Connect the dots.

From whatever source, I find ways to connect the dreams to my work, or my art, or my writing. Connection makes it all worthy of my time, worthy of effort, and worthy of expansion. The value of the dream comes from the book, the time, or my innovation as I bring it to the light of day. Will it be what I wanted from the beginning? Or will it be a chase without end?

Some layers of inspiration don’t appeal to non-fiction, and others don’t appeal to fiction writers. I’m always up for a variety, and although non-fiction may be a majority of my writing endeavors, fiction can be fun to write, and a joy to share.

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