Is it working?

If you’re waking up every morning gasping for air, wishing you’d made some cash yesterday, and praying for solutions – you’re doing something wrong.

You may even be doing EVERY SINGLE THING you’ve been told to do. But it really is not working. coffee clatter

  • You’re building a list.
  • You’re writing articles.
  • You’re doing social media.
  • You’re recording products.
  • You’re writing emails.
  • You’re selling affiliate stuff.

But… It isn’t working. You’re not making enough money. You’re not making the money you need. Right?

So, what if you should be doing something really differently than what you’re doing to make it work right, to make a profit?

What if… You need to be doing less, better?

Let’s face it. You’re doing what you’ve been told. But it isn’t working for you. You’re blaming yourself. And wondering what you’re doing wrong… But, what if… it isn’t you.

What if the things you’ve been told to do are wrong?

What if you’ve been told the story wrong?

What if there’s more to the story?

What if – the real story just wasn’t YOUR story?

What if… your story is significant, and YOU need to put more of YOU into your marketing efforts to get better results?

Your business is personal. Your message is YOUR message. Nobody else can send your message better than you.

Wouldn’t you want to know the truth?

Wouldn’t you want to know the real truth, that elusive detail that YOU have to do to make YOUR business successful?

Growing your business online, may NOT include SELLING to people online. However much I would like for YOU to jump in and follow the specific details of a generic business plan, the reality is not everyone has the same business.

  • Sometimes your blog is more about bringing in a specific market than it is about selling a specific item.
  • Your business plan may be more about building the list than about selling a product on your website.
  • Your sales funnel may be a list building information flow chart, instead of actually making sales and money.
  • The best part about building your own business is individualizing the program you’re using for bigger and better profitability.
  • You have a better opportunity of getting to the direct PURPOSE of your website and blog, if we do a one-on-one consult before you put together your website or blog.

Let’s put together a business website or blog that works best for you!

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