Is Your Light Shining?

Early this morning I woke up and touched my phone for the time, evidently the last thing I had on my screen last night was a video about ‘Living Emotionally Naked’ or in my own words, using no filter. The video came on at 3:20 and I watched it for a few minutes. It was only about four minutes long.

light on the hillThroughout the video, the speaker talked about letting the ‘real you’ shine.

As it ended, I drifted back to sleep, still the wee hours of the morning, and I was exhausted from last night’s fun – and then my computer crash. Survival is a mode I don’t like, but I have found myself working in that mode a few times over the past few years. And again, last night…

But I kept thinking about letting the real me shine. Do I do that?

What about you? Does the REAL you shine through?

Or do we naturally hold back something? Are we fearful of letting people see who we really are inside, beyond the facade? Do we keep that little part safe?

The message was bigger than this, but my takeaway was personal, about me:

God has created ME to be a shining city on the hill, the light of the world, and my light shall not be put out. I will not be hidden!

Drifting in and out of the early morning sleep, I kept dreaming about my day, and for some crazy reason I was wrapping packages. It was Christmas and we couldn’t go shopping so I was searching the house for ‘gifts’ I could give each of my children and grandchiIs Your Light Shiningldren, then furiously wrapping them and tying them with fancy ribbons and bows. The gifts didn’t seem to matter as much as the wrapping and the ribbons. As I got to the final gift, perhaps the nicest gift of all, a watch engraved with a favorite poem, I placed it in the small box, and wrapped the box in pretty yellow and greenpaper, then tied on the ribbon, but it wouldn’t stay tied.

Trying as hard as I could, I couldn’t tie a ribbon that remained on the box. I had plenty of ribbon, and it was easy to tie, but when I pulled tight to make that final knot, each time, the ribbon slipped from the box.

There must have been a deadline, because I was hurrying to tie the bow, and I realized it’s light outside, but my bow isn’t tied. I tried again, my eyes closed tight against the light of morning, and when the bow came off – tears filled my eyes and I began to sob, as I awakened. As I opened my eyes, the watch was on the night stand, daylight streaming through the window.

The words of the video struck me:

Is your light shining?
“Let your light so shine among men, that God’s Glory is seen in you.”

When you light a match in the darkness, the darkness fades away. Let your light shine.

Light always wins over darkness.

If you can’t shine like a lighthouse, shine like a candlestick.

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