Just do ONE thing…

You know when you start the day, that you’ve only got 24 hours. So what do you do differently with those 24 hours today, to make a difference?

A house fullOver the past several months, there’s been a house full of people at our house, and just the daily chores take extra time. Everyone pitches in, but even then, there are times some things don’t get done like they should. A floor goes unvacuumed, the dishes don’t get done, or a bathroom becomes a little less than pristine, after being neglected for a couple of days. What then?
Those chores don’t belong to just one person, so how do you catch up? Ordering everyone to take a day for chores doesn’t work when everyone has a job and different days off. Nor does one person attempting to catch it all up. To say it’s overwhelming is an understatement. Today, my daughter mentioned, “I just try to do one extra thing.”
Make Money BloggingThat’s what running your own business is all about. That’s how a single person operation can achieve greatness on a daily basis. Just do one extra marketing thing each day, and eventually, before you know it, you’re up to date with marketing and you’ve got customers crawling in through the woodwork. Marketing is a daily task. You don’t dare let it go without being done, and you’ve got to do some marketing every day for it to be of great benefit.
I’ve learned to follow Tatia’s lead and do one extra thing a day, until I’m all caught up and then keep doing one extra thing. That’s how life is. We all must do “one extra thing” to keep it moving.
It’s funny how the simplest lessons often come from the most unexpected places.
Sharing those lessons in your blog will help your readers too. Share the lessons you learn and know that you’re benefiting someone else, because that’s what blogging is all about.
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