Ken McArthur Rocks It On Facebook

Sometimes you have business connections that just catch your eye, and you see them frequently, they may or may not respond, and you feel like they might actually know who you are, but probably not… Well, that isn’t the case with Ken McArthur.

For several years now, he’s been a connection on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter. Each time I comment to him, or about him, he comments, likes, or otherwise notes that he’s ‘seen me there’ by some means. It’s refreshing to know someone who always comments and responds.

More importantly, I feel honored that he noticed.

Ken McArthurWho makes you feel special? When you’re on social media and comment on someone’s wall, do they respond? Do they connect? Are you following their message?

I’ve learned through the years that when you take time to notice others, you make them feel as if they matter – and that’s important. You can literally turn a person’s life around, improve it, make a difference, and change the direction they were going, by simply making a connection. Respond. Say something nice to them. Invite them to connect with you.

Ken McArthur markets a precept of ‘one thing’.

Little things make a difference. Ken teaches that, stands firm on it, and has created his One thingfoundation on the ‘one thing’ precept, that if you’re doing that ‘one thing’ you’ll achieve your goals. He does that one thing. He makes a difference by connecting with others.

I don’t know many marketers online who have the dedicated following of professional marketers that Ken has, and this is the reason. Other marketers recognize his determination to make them feel like they’re someone special – to him. We all feel like we matter to Ken McArthur, not in a ‘sent flowers to my funeral’ kind of way, but rather in a ‘hey, I was having coffee this morning and thought of you, How ya doin’?’ kind of way.

If you learn one thing from this message…

Let it be the profound affect of connecting with other people and making them feel special. Let your voice be heard singing someone else’s praises, because they’ll remember you, and you’ll have impacted a life for good. Make a difference, because you can.

stand out

Stand out. Take a risk and connect with others, by sending our a message. Let them know you’re there. Give them a chance to respond. Finally, choose to be different. Be unique. You know… Like everyone else.

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