Jan offers inspiring, motivational, fun, and informatively educational keynote topics. A professional business owner for more than three decades, Jan continues to maintain a leading edge marketing business, with high-impact, results-based team players who participate in creating business programs, marketing strategies, and online/digital dynamics for marketing small business operations. Her efforts are well known in a variety of writing, political, and small industry markets, as well as the continuing business training programs, where she excels in developing benchmark training programs that close the gap on industry standards, helping small business owners to compete in a big business world.

Jan, and her team of vivacious business owners bring fortuitous dynamics to the table, as keynote speakers, they will be happy to sit down with your team and review practical, well structured marketing programs that your business can apply, innovating success driven goals and structure into the daily marketing programs.

Let’s get together with a plan for success, growing your business better.

Contact me by email or by phone: 303.968.6863

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