Learn from the Journey

“If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results.”
― George S. Patton

Often, the roadmap offers more than one route to the destination, and everyone who travels to a given destination doesn’t take the same road. The journal is often as important as the destination, so when you offer a goal, you don’t necessarily have to give step by step directions. Sometimes, you just need to let people decide on their own route. The outcome may astound you, because the lessons are in the journey.

“If you’ve learned your lesson and you’re ready for some help…”

Online MarketingThose words came from the lips of my coach one Sunday afternoon when we met unexpectedly at a local festival. I knew he had achieved the goal in a shorter period of time, and his methods worked – for him. In that moment, I realized that I hadn’t yet learned the lessons I was meant to learn. I was learning every day, and I was growing in ways I’d never thought possible.

The key component of our relationship had previously been his encouragement and help to find “my methods” of building a business, not changing my methods to his. I didn’t have huge amounts of money to throw into advertising and marketing, and I wasn’t a “visit the local party plan” kind of girl either, so I was having to create a method that met my message.

I want you to read that again:

I had to create a method that met my message.

My message wasn’t the same as his message. I was a different person. While there are many people who are hungry for my message, and many who will apply my message, my lesson, and achieve their goals by following a similar route, nobody will exactly duplicate my path to success. It can’t be done.

In the very same way, I couldn’t have duplicated his path.

Our next visit had a very different tone. I had taken charge of my journey again, and redefined my goal.

Denver Web DesignerIs he still my mentor? Yes.

Is he still my coach? Yes.

Is he still the one I call when I need guidance? Yes.

But we’re traveling my path to success, with his guidance, not his path to success with me trying to follow along.

I’ve shared this because recently, I’ve recognized a similar trait in myself. I have a chosen path, and I’ve attempted to share that path with several who have asked for help with meeting their goals and achieving success. They have a different lesson to learn, and following my path won’t teach that lesson. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help or guide them along their path. 

You don’t have to follow my chosen path to find benefit in the coaching process!

Let’s get one thing straight here, before we go any further:

  • You have a message inside of you that needs to be heard.
  • Your message has value, meaning, and will impact your audience.
  • Your message will make a difference to the people in your tribe.

In order to continue sharing your message, you must find a way to be profitable and support your message, because if you’re working to share your message without profit, you won’t be able to share it for very long. 

My most revered mentor shared this story, and I asked if I could share it on my blog. He said, yes, so here it is:

I love to play guitar, banjo, fiddle, just about anything with strings, I love to play it. So, I find ways to incorporate practice of stringed instruments into my day. My wife, on the other hand, absolutely hates listening to my music, she’s a classical soft instrumental in the background kind of girl. I play hard, hills-country, bluegrass, the kind of stuff that makes the fog roll in and keeps the dogs wailing.

She’s a nurse. So she’s gone from home for 8 to 10 hours a day four or five days a week. She allows me to play my instruments when she isn’t home. Her life goal is to help others as a nurse. My life goal is to share my music, send my message out in song, and let the world know that not every hill-country picker is a hillbilly. (Okay, that last bit may not happen, but…)

So, while she’s at work every day, I write my songs, peddle my music, play my instruments, and coach a few successful writers along the way. Not all of my writers – write music – and that’s my key component.

If you get nothing else from this story, get this:

You don’t have to do what I do, to learn from my message.

“As your coach/mentor, my job is to encourage you, direct you, motivate you, and enlighten you, not beat you into submission.” He grinned, mischievously. “Your job is to achieve your goal and pay me well.”

If you have a message, you have a business profile, goals, and motivation to make a difference in the world today, and you’ve been unsuccessful at finding a way to ‘get your word out there’ then let’s work on that concept. Let’s make that happen.

Let’s find your journey and bring your business into the current market with a profitable marketing strategy.

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