Learn How to Write “Show Stopping Headlines” Without Spending a Penny

It arrived in my inbox this morning. A show stopping, heart rending, time crunching method of generating Headlines that will rock your boat, grow your audience, and drive your buying audience revealed at no cost.

Chilling, you say?

WOWWell, the thing is, I’ve been telling people how to do this for eons, and when I received it in my email, I had to step back and think about the person sending the information. Is he a client? I don’t remember him by this name… But the content is pretty specific, detailed enough to identify it, and WOW factors in the content reminded me of my own ‘story telling process’ because that’s how I work.

Then I realized the name on the email was an acronym. Another trick I recommend.

Yeah, he is my client. He purchased a program several months back, and he not only paid attention, and learned how to grab my attention, but he just convinced me to sign up for his email list, because the title of his inbox message was spot-on, show-stopping, and mind-grabbing.

HA! HE’s giving away my course, as a free class, rewritten in his style. What a guy!

BEST Business Model

Okay – granted, it’s just one of my $7 papers, about five pages of 7 Ways to Drive Targeted Clients to Your Website – and he only used one method in this FREE email message, to capture an audience – but the point is – it works! Yeah, I’m as gullible as the next guy. Sometimes I just need a NEW method. And this little reminder is awesome! 

Who knew, right? 

The key here is, to figure out how it is that show-stopping headlines will drive your traffic, build your business, and capture your audience… Keep reading!

When you get an email from someone who knows your name, and has a grasp of what you do, recommending a service that reflects your mode of business operation, it can effectively capture your interest. I often do send out an email inviting someone I have a connection with to participate in a program I offer, and sign in for my FREE Gift. I’ve even included a free gift in the email. This particular method was intriguing to me because it’s something I would consider doing, but hadn’t actually done before – and he used a single concept of a boldly successful resource document that I’ve been selling to create his foundation message. Way to go, client! 

Learn How to Write “Show Stopping Headlines” Without Spending a Penny

1 – Wow them with an opportunity they can’t resist. “Learn how to write show-stopping headlines”

2 – Open up their wallet, but leave their money in there. “Without spending a penny.”

3 – Work your wonders with the content. Be sure to give them what you promised in the headline, because EMPTY content does nothing for you. If they open it to read it, you’d better have packed it with decadent details they absolutely DO what to read.

Whatever you’re giving them must include high-impact value, be something they can use, and information you promised.


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