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Have you ever noticed that life just doesn’t fall in line with our expectations?

The past few months have been pretty easy for me, moving, getting settled, and adjusting to new surroundings and events. I’ve adjusted to the changes and found my new space totally acceptable, although not at all what I was thinking when I first relocated to here.

AdaptabilityThere were some expectations based on lack of communication, and a few that were based on different expectations of what would happen when I arrived, but ultimately… It’s turned out okay.


How can one make it all okay when the expected events don’t come the way you’d like them to come? Adapt.

That’s it. Adapt.

When it snows, put on a coat. When it rains, carry an umbrella. When it’s warm, turn on the fan. Adapt.

There was a time when I met unexpected change, kicking and screaming at the door, refusing to blend or adapt to what came instead of my expectations for life. I floundered, fell into a deep depression and struggled with every phase of life that I slipped into. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t most of the other seven dwarfs either… But I was frequently grumpy.

Then, one day I was visiting a friend and she said something to me that resonated. When I left, I was reverberating with strength, and power. By the time I got home I totally felt empowered to make a difference.

In fact, within a few short minutes after that conversation, I can honestly say my depression was gone, and I was well on my way to a whole and complete change of reality.

She didn’t know she’d spoken to my heart and soul.

But she had.

And there I was realizing that what she said, would literally change my life. I can’t remember the whole context of her statement, but the ten little two letter words that made the difference for me have never left my mind. They are melted into my heart and soul, and if I ever got a tattoo, these words would be the words on my tattoo.

If it is to be; it is up to me.

The lesson I learned that day, freed me up to be myself, make my own decisions, and live the life I am meant to live. More than anything else Bring it on...I’ve done in my entire life, that one realization allowed me to accept my own responsibility toward the choices I make in life and I’m going to give you the steps that I’ve learned to apply to this process.

  1. Acknowledge where you are in life.
  2. Understand your circumstances.
  3. Know your options.
  4. Make your choices.
  5. Own the choices you make.

That number five is the most significant of the bunch… Own it. If it happens to you, own it. Whatever it is, make sure you acknowledge it’s yours and determine your part in the event, then own it. If you don’t like it, change it. But if you’ve done nothing to prevent it, own it, acknowledge it, understand why, know your options, and make a choice that will change it.

Own it.

That’s the one thing you should take from this post, OWN your own life.

And carry these words in your heart forever, “If it is to be; it is up to me.”

Learn how to adapt to the situation you’re in, own it, and change it if that’s your desire.

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