What I Learned About Marketing From Donald Trump’s Campaign

I know, you’re probably all sick to death of politics, but this is about marketing. Donald Trump won the election, so his marketing skills are good. Let’s use them!


Kellyanne Conway is an amazing marketer. From early in her career, she realized that marketing is all part of campaigning, and she applies in depth marketing strategies to every campaign she works. So it’s rather obvious, if you’re a marketing strategist, that her efforts definitely played a huge part in this past election and the results.

No matter what the opposing side may say, Kellyanne’s keen awareness of marketing detail made a difference in the outcome of the election season this year. And I’m excited to take this opportunity to LEARN what she used.

Anything is possible.

Don’t limit your marketing strategies to ‘tried and true’ because you may be leaving innovation that would make the difference for your marketing campaign on the table. Go for the gold and be open to trying those ‘other ideas’. When you look beyond the proverbial box and take ideas out of context, you’ll be rather surprised at the valuable results you can get.

Be willing to brainstorm marketing ideas and strategies that can bring your products and services to the right audience. The right audience:

  • is going to make every effort to push your services and products to their friends, because they’ll become word of mouth representatives of what you do.
  • won’t expect you to GIVE them your products and services for free, they’ll gladly pay your prices and share your worth.
  • will promote your business in the act of living their daily life, because you’ll be THAT BIG a part of what they do.
  • won’t necessarily BE A customer, but will send you customers on a regular basis, because they believe in you.
  • joins you in your message and begins to add their own, by conveying a master-purpose empowering the masses.

Simplicity is key to success.

Find your positive purpose and simplify it so others can repeat it frequently and readily.

Small Business Marketing StrategiesFind what you stand for and make it so simple and easy to comprehend that everyone who hears it can identify with and connect to your message. Let that message frame where you lead your tribe.

In the case of Trump’s message, “Make America Great Again.” Everyone has a view of what that means, and many of us connect that message to a kind of wealth that isn’t necessarily money in the pocket, but rather people living value driven lives.

The strength of your message is the simplicity with which you communicate it. How do you build on that message? Where do you share your message? Let’s figure out what your message is, and move on from there.

What is your message? 

Can you speak your message in 5 to 10 words?

Let’s market small business successfully!

That’s my message, but what is yours?

How can I help you market YOUR small business? How can we help each other to achieve our goals? What can we do together?

Be BOLD and have an Opinion

Probably the single most frustrating experience I’ve had in business is being told that I can’t have an opinion. Or that my opinion must ATTRACT the popular audience. Nope. Wrong. My opinion should be bold and strong enough to attract an audience. YOUR opinion should be bold and strong enough to attract like minded people.

When you speak out from your heart, with your own voice and strength people will join you. They will find ways to connect with you if your message resonates with them. Your message can’t resonate with them if it doesn’t resonate with YOU.

Dare to speak boldly. Send your message out to the world bravely. Be yourself. Confidence is a bold stroke of genius, and your opinion matters as much as anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to speak it loud and clear. Get the message out!

Haters only stop you if you let them.

Don’t give them room to breed. Confront them, let them know they’re wrong, then push past them and keep walking. You don’t even have to stop to let them have their say. Keep moving. You’re on a mission. NEVER stop to pay homage to those who aren’t on the mission with you. They’re not worth your time.

And they certainly are not worth your energy.

Keep your energy on better things – Boldly declare your message, triumphant.

Fake news has been a thing for a while now, but it isn’t your thing. Don’t stall out, wasting your time on fake news. If it’s real and you publish it, stand by it. If you accidentally get caught up in fake news. Don’t waste your time. Hit the delete button and move on.

Opinions can be formed for good or bad. Don’t buy into hearsay. Go to the source and form your own opinions.

Make America Great Again



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  1. Great article, Jan! So true, so true!!!

    Jan always promises that if you post a comment on her blog, she won’t post your email address. Because I’m a raving fan, you can have my email address: hugh@redcapsalescoaching.com. If you have any questions about Jan and her services, you can email me, and I’ll tell ya just how flat-out awesome she really is! See, Jan HAS the kind of audience she wrote about in this blog!

    Rock on Ms. Jan! You’re a shining star!!

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