Let’s Do This! Coolest Thing…

Have you ever wondered what the coolest thing in the world was?

I sometimes get a kick out of people who search the Coolest Thing on the internet and wonder why they get the answers that come up on Google. It’s kind of cute, really… How that works.

Coolest Thing

If you’re trying to be the coolest thing on the internet, or the top of the Google search engine, like page #1 and #1 post, there are a few little tips you can use to drive your page, and your posts to #1 slot. Keep reading!

Let’s do this!

It kind of all started several years ago, when my son – then about 7 – wanted to know if anyone knew I existed on the internet. I said ‘of course’ and he asked me how…

The rest of that story is posted elsewhere, and you can see it by clicking right here on the Coolest Woman on the Planet. But the key to being the coolest thing is being recognizable. When your brand is recognized by the world at large, people know who you are, and they can find you on the web, in your business, or anywhere… It isn’t a secret if you’re recognizable.

  • Donald Trump it recognized by his blonde comb over.
  • Nike is recognized by their white swoop.
  • Radio Shack is recognized by the red R in a circle.
  • Fish Tank Startups is recognized by his Christian attitude and a Gold Fish.
  • Red Cap Sales Training’s Hugh Liddle is easily known by his RED Cap.

What defines you? How are you recognized?

Coolest Blog EVER

More than anything else you do – creating a powerful, easily recognized presence online, will give your voice volume. When you’re recognized, you can be promoted!

Coolest Thing about Brand Recognition

There’s a huge dysfunction on the internet happening with web designers. They mistake #1 placement on Google as being the only way to grab high-impact recognition for their websites. While that’s a BIG deal for most of us (I kind of like showing up there myself), the key to recognition and being visible online has more to do with who recognizes you, who promotes you, and who buys what you sell.

Here are 7 incredibly great ways to define your market and meet those expectations of being recognized, promoted, and profitable:

1 – Encourage your buyers to refer others to your business. Branding

2 – Promote buyer businesses on your site, and invite them to do the same with your business. Successful businesses always promote successful businesses. It’s an awesome way to promote yourself and others.

3 – Info-graphics that others can share – recommending your business for a variety of reasons. Be sure to stamp those graphics with your brand worthy logo. Capture and captivate an audience with great graphics.

4 – Social Media Marketing Strategies boost your online presence. Whether it’s a campaign to show off everyone’s favorite pet, or a kid-friendly toy drive for the holidays, the more active you are on Social Media, the more recognition you’ll get from this marketing strategy.

Influential Marketing happens when people who are recognized share content and ideas from those who may not be as well recognized. It works!

5 – Invite prominent people to post their thoughts on your website, as guest posters on your blog. Their name draws recognition, and the connection to you, brings in a remarkable number of new clients. Use this to bring more visitors to your website.

6 – Tell remarkable stories! This is a key benefit to being a writer… You can share some incredibly amazing stories on your site, in your blog posts, and bring in the BEST clients through those memorable stories.

7 – Improvise – invite your influential friends to market your business by commenting on a few of your blog posts, perhaps adding a blog post, and definitely by sharing a link to your website through their lists. Influencers will often promote you if you just ask them to share your links, because they know how they became influencers… They remember being nobody. They’ll help you become recognized too.

Do you have content?

Your content will drive traffic to your business.

Keyword optimized promotion gets you noticed, by moving you up on the Google Search Engines, and other search engines. Go the distance – get great content today!

coolest content

Yes, you need the best marketing available for your business online.

Coolest Marketing




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  1. You’re 100% accurate: It’s NOT about ranking, it IS about connecting with others. It’s about personal connections and relationships. Numbers without soul is just that, numbers. Lives need to change and impacted.

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