Life Lessons: Retirement

My 21 year old son, Kenton, captures a moment every now and then, in mental fireworks. His sense of perception overwhelms many, but I’ve learned to take it in stride, knowing that he captures the essence of what is, and shares it with others so they understand what is real. He shares his insights.

JanAfter lunch on Mother’s Day, we stood talking for a moment about various clients he serves on the job. He’s noticed many are in my age group, struggling to share their message, maintain some additional income, and still retire, believing they can still offer value to the world, but not knowing how to apply that value.

He said, “Mom, they just want to make a difference, like you do.”

About a year ago, I opted out of the hair color rollercoaster, and started letting my hair go natural – er… gray. I still struggle with looking in the mirror, because the ‘older woman’ looking back at me isn’t the image I have of myself in my head. But it’s an image. It’s a picture of the woman I am, and not the heart of me that I see in the mirror. I’ve learned that most people as they age, see themselves at their ‘optimal age’ forever. I see myself as 37. For years, if you were to ask my kids how old I was, they would say, 37. Because that was the year. That was the year I was unstoppable. That was the year that I ‘accomplished my life’.

Reality check. Nothing specific happened that year, that made it memorable. It was just an age that stuck. Some people stick at a different age, for a different reason, or for reasons they can’t explain, or for reasons they don’t understand. I stuck at 37. I still think of myself as a 37 year old “UNSTOPPABLE” woman, capable of anything.

The secret – I’m not 37 anymore. In fact, I’m barking hard at 57, and thinking, “Where did twenty years go?”

AGE is no barrier to accomplishment.

Often our age is connected to our health, and we’re told something about our body by a Doctor, and we accept it, without realizing that a Doctor didn’t design our body, and can’t possibly know us the way our creator can. Or the way we can.

My friend Marnie Marcus said,

“Saw a commercial that said, “Your body and your diabetes change over time.” Your body is your body. But diabetes isn’t “yours.” It’s a condition that can be changed, improved or possibly eliminated. Whatever is up with your body, don’t own it as part of you. I hate to see people just settle without a fight. Don’t just pop a pill and own it. You have more control over your health and body than big pharma wants you to think. (Said like someone who doesn’t have diabetes. But I do have a friend who did and was able to get off meds by the way she ate and when she ate.)

“My friend Sue Painter was told she’d never walk again after a blown knee replacement. But she’s gallivanting across Europe on that knee as I write this. She fought hard and long and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I believe there comes a time for acceptance of things as they are in the moment, but “do not go gently into that good night.”

Where there’s a question there’s an answer. Seek and you shall find.

Therein lies the solution to the relevance of aging.

If  you want to accomplish something of value, don’t let age, health, or anything else get in  your way.

If God brings you to it,
He will see you through it!

 If retirement is looming and you know you still have much to offer, why not find a way to offer more. You can still make a difference if you so desire. You just need to find a way…

And that’s where I’m going with this message.

You can make a difference, by sharing the good wisdom God has given you. So often, we accept the coming of age with grace and let go of the dream to share our knowledge and wisdom, although… the dream is still alive and well.


Why would you give up on an opportunity to share what you’ve been given?

I’ve been actively helping people who find age and health constraints unacceptable for several years now, to achieve their dreams, and share their wealth of information and skills to make a difference for others. And in most cases, put profit in their own pockets.

You could be using your skills and knowledge to assist with your own retirement vision, with a little bit of assistance from someone who understands how to grow a business online, using your own information.

Let’s start with coffee – and see where it goes from there.


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