List building priorities…

You’d think after building more than a dozen businesses, some online, some offline, over the past three decades, the concept would be clearer. You’d think.

Well, the reality is, I’ve learned that you build your list first.

If you already have a list, you check it, make sure it’s relevant, and then you grow your connections based on the connective tissues you’re already working with, because starting from scratch can be really a pain in the patushka!

So, I focused on my list…

referral marketingAs you grow your connections, the best part of increasing the numbers on your list is your ability to connect the members of your list. The more people you connect to other small business owners, the more likely your connections are to become successful.

Creating an interactive group of targeted list members brings powerful results to your list. Power mongering in this case is good for your business too.

Inviting others to offer a guest post on your blog is one way to share the list.

  1. Your list members can write a blog post to share on your blog and include a link back to their website, with promo information in the resource box.
  2. You could interview your list members and include links to their blogs on your blog posts.
  3. You might want to do a case study of your clients programs and include those, along with a link to their websites.

One priority you might want to consider with your list is getting to know the members of your list, so you’ll have some idea of who to link to when you write various topics on your blog or website.

Meanwhile, if you’re not on my main list – upper right column – sign in, so I have access to your email, and leave a comment with your website, so I can visit your site. I’d love to know you better. Visit for another list where I share details about growing your list and how to market to your list.

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