Make it Right!

When it all goes wrong, we can lie down and accept it, get angry and blow it up, or make it right. I most often choose to make it right.

One of those funky Facebook tests recently indicated that when I get angry, I’m a volcano, destroying everything in my wake. Could be true. I’ve been known to erupt and let the world around me burn to ash. There are moments when you realize that in order to emerge a phoenix from the ashes, there MUST BE ASHES.

And that’s where I’m headed – through the ashes.

Social Media Marketing

Creating a presence on social media brings massive numbers of open opportunities to market yourself, your business, your books, and your products or services. How you generate that presence and become the STAR of your social media show will make or break your online success.

Be unstoppable.Interact First – Before you start promoting yourself, your stuff, and you, interact with your audience. Join their pages, LIKE them, comment, add content to their threads and participate in discussions of like-minded persons. These interactions will bring people to your page, to make YOU popular. Your ultimate goal, but don’t stop when it’s all on your page.

Specialize – Find two or three related and relevant topics where you can add intelligent discussion, participation, and interactive communication, and stick with those areas when posting on your page, or when posting in forums. Even if you get caught on an unrelated forum, stick to your topics in your responses. Relate the response you give to your topics without obnoxiously changing the subject.

Quality – Of course, quality matters, and it’s better to offer your high-quality responses, discussions, and details to 1000 relevant and related members than to randomly spew irrelevant drivel to 10,000,000 people. You’ll get better and more profitable response from your 1,000 genuinely interested peeps.

Patience – If you slowly build those quality relationships in relevant markets with interactive discussions, on a foundation of pure interest in making friends and creating solid relationships, you’ll gain more profitable results that last over a longer period of time, than if your efforts are here today, gone tomorrow, and self serving. Be patient. Build REAL relationships on social media.

Multiply – Make your efforts count on more than one media. Some options allow you to post on more than one media at a time, and make the most of your posts, using hashtags, photos and images, or other relevant materials. Use those social media marketing sites well too.

Authority – Be the authority in your market, in your niche, over your product, with your services, and with your audience.

A few years back, I managed a small writer’s group in a local small town venue. Now, at the time, I wasn’t published, I hadn’t made a name for myself among bloggers, and I really wasn’t a ‘go-to-person’ in that niche. But because I had a vested interest in learning more, I spent a lot of my time gaining the education I needed to work with publishers, profitable authors who were popular and well known, and I spent even more time getting to know the process required to become a published author. My little writer’s group became a popular venue, with numerous local authors joining us, and we had a ‘going reputation’ as the place to be to get published.

The payoff at the time wasn’t monetary as much as it was an acquisition of credentials that later set me as the ‘go-to-person’ in the publication industry for that type of publishing.

Be the expert in your venue, in your field, and share your expertise. Let the world know that you’re the best, by marketing yourself in ways that proclaim your experience.

Value – I always tell everyone to give more value than expected, because that’s important. My son recently shared his thought on this topic.  And he’s more than 100%Sean Verhoeffcorrect. If you settle for less than your best, you’re not giving everything you have and you’re of no real value or benefit to anyone. Don’t just do enough. Give more than you expect to get – ALWAYS.

Blessings – give them to everyone you meet. Compliments that have real value are always welcome. Acknowledging another person for being WHO THEY ARE is a gift that many don’t give. Have you ever been at a gas pump and noticed the other vehicle there was really awesome? Did you tell the driver? Did s/he light up when you told them what great wheels they have? How about acknowledging another person’s efforts at serving you? Can you just say, “Hey, Thanks! I appreciate you.” Wouldn’t that make a world of difference? Do you think someone might notice?

Accessible – after you share your content, do you check back for comments and respond? Do that. don’t share what you have to say and leave. Stick around and participate in the conversation that ensues. Be part of the community you’ve created and be involved in discussion and talk about your content, and theirs.

Reciprocate – share what others post. This is important. Not only do you want others to share what you post, but it’s important that you share what others post. If you read a particularly appealing blog post, share it. Tell your readers why you’re sharing it. One thing that I find more offensive than NOT sharing is telling your readers “I’m sharing this for my friend.” WHY? WHY THE HECK SHOULD YOU BOTHER? If it isn’t worthy of being shared – by you – for your readers, WHY share it for the friend who wrote it? Don’t do them a favor and share it, share it because it’s interesting information, it’s helpful to you, you LOVE their product, or you find VALUE in what is being shared. If you’re just doing them a favor, and you tell your reader that – your reader will consider it for what it is: UNWORTHY OF THEIR TIME.

Riciprocate. Share and make sure what you share is worthy, and tell your reader why. Leave a note, add a message, improve the marketability of the piece by offering up a review. Even a line or two makes a difference. 

If you’re an utter failure at marketing, you can fix that… You can turn it around. You can improve. Follow the steps above and improve your social media marketing skills.

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