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Make Money Blogging – What IS the SECRET? — 5 Comments

  1. This is a fantastic post, filled with tons of value. Excellent value, Jan. I enjoyed reading it and am bookmarking to read again. You covered a number of areas including positioning oneself as an expert in their niche, creating content that people want to read, and increasing visibility and cash online.

    Great job. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Yvonne. It’s so hard to promote yourself if you aren’t willing to put the value out there and let people see what you offer. And sometimes even then… Some don’t understand. But those who do gain incredible benefit.

  2. Jan this post is sensational. Loved it. Thanks for the shout out too. You cannot be afraid of money, from spending it to investing it to enjoying it, and, to receiving it. Gotta have that money clarity down to do the learning, the creating, the connecting and the giving to turn this online gig into a full time venture.


    • It’s always good to find ways to share the benefits and blessings we’re given. I believe the best opportunities to do that come with added bonuses. Thanks for sharing my work.


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