Make World Peace Happen!

It’s Monday, so I posted a question on Facebook asking:

Imagine you could accomplish anything you desired
today – what would you accomplish?

And people started answering the question.

Generally, when I ask such a question, I have to encourage people to think bigger. More than just ‘finish my cup of coffee’ or ‘complete this folder on my desk’ but not today. Today, I had two amazing responses right off the top.

Gary Penley (author extraordinaire) said:

The end of racism in human nature.

Hearts and hands

Bobby Ward (former city code inspector) said:

World peace.

World Peace

So here I am, thinking about the amount of excitement we could bring to the forefront if there were truly faith in our ability to accomplish ANYTHING we wanted to accomplish on a Monday morning. I’m enough of a realist to understand that World Peace probably isn’t as easy to bring into existence as we might want it to be, but who says it’s impossible? Not me.

And why shouldn’t world peace be our cause and mission? If we each reached out to one other person, offering an open hand of encouragement, do you think we might impact our world?

My goal for life is to Make a Difference.

Make a Difference.

It seemed such a simple goal, back when I set that single concept goal for myself. I was pretty young, and I thought I could make a difference by loving everyone I met. If I could love enough, I could make a difference. Right? I mean… It’s such an easy concept, help someone in need, give something to one who needs it more than you need it, or love someone… It was my goal for life, and I was pretty certain back then that I could make a huge difference in the world by just loving someone.

Then I learned that if you love the wrong person, you’re feeding all that is wrong with the world, not fixing it. The difference you make isn’t enough… It doesn’t work out the way you expect, and you’ve done nothing to benefit anyone.

love the wrong personWhen you love the wrong person, you might as well be igniting a feud that lasts forever, because you’ve certainly given no-one a benefit.

There are people in this world who aren’t willing to be loved by anyone, and they’ll take advantage of those who offer love. They will hurt you, destroy your heart, and damage you beyond what you can survive. Don’t let them.

Protect your heart! 

After I learned that I couldn’t love some people, because I can’t fix those who don’t want to be loved out of their brokenness. But this might be a subject for a whole other thread…

What really happens when you decide to make a difference, and still protect your heart? 

You set a boundary that you will make every effort you can make until you can’t remain YOU and still help that person.

Perhaps, if we looked at that on a bigger scale, we would see a message that says something like… Make an impact for good, and do no harm.

Make World Peace HappenWhen I think of doing no harm, I think of the potter.

With gentle hands he shapes a vase on the potters wheel, working and molding the clay into the shape he desires… He’s making a difference. And yet… Just one move out of line, out of shape, or out of sync with the object he’s creating and the whole vase is a mound of clay to be reworked.

A broken vessel. 

Usually, this happens when the potter pushes to get it done, or tries to make something from the clay that the clay isn’t ready for. When the clay is shaped carefully, in incremental steps, at the right speed, the outcome is profound, incredible. Unbelievable beauty comes from the skilled potter. And yet, the same potter contributes to the mound of clay to be reworked.

When we Let The Potter Choose…

Lyrics for He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away
by Terri Gibbs
Empty and Broken,
I came Back to Him A Vessel Unworthy,
so scarred from Sin.
But He did not Despair…
He Started over again
And I Bless the Day,
He didn’t Throw the Clay Away.
Over and Over,
He Molds Me and Makes Me,
Into His likeness,
He fashions the clay.
A vessel of Honor,
I Am today,
All because Jesus
Didn’t Throw The Clay Away.
He is the Potter…
I am the Clay
Molded in God’s Image,
HE wants me to Stay.
when I Stumble…
and Fall…
When My Vessel Breaks,
He just Picks up those Pieces,
He does not Throw the Clay Away…
Over and Over,
He Molds Me and Makes Me,
Into His Likeness,
He Fashions the Clay.
A Vessel of Honor,
I Am Today,
All Because Jesus
Didn’t Throw The Clay Away.
A Vessel of Honor,
I Am Today,
It’s all Because Jesus
Didn’t Throw The Clay Away.
Caught up in the game of life, we sometimes get lost in our reasoning and purpose. Such is the case in most efforts at great accomplishments. We forget that there was a great accomplishment that brought us here to this place. Creation as a whole is our visage. We were created for this time and place.

I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I’m faced with a challenge that will improve the world in which I live. I know, the chance of having world peace in my lifetime is pretty slim, or even – ever – but the reality is that God promises us peace when He returns. He promises life everlasting… And peace to those who follow Him.

I believe God’s word is true, and He will bring peace to a lost nation. With everything that I have inside, I believe in HIM.

Growing from the clayWhenever I get a chance, I like to look for the good.

Finding the good in others benefits me, because I’m open to accepting what is good and blessed. When I seek, my eyes are open, my hands are open, and I can accept all that is offered. This only happens when we are looking for the good in others.

If we close off our minds and reject what is offered, because we can’t receive.

The key then to making a difference in the world around you, to finding peace in a world where peace is often hidden, is to SEEK world peace with an open hand, an open heart, and an open mind. Let Peace find you.

So make a difference with an open heart.

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Be open to accepting what comes, and don’t throw away the clay…

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