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Content Marketing CycleYou may have noticed a couple of my recent posts were sales messages for services I offer. I know that probably isn’t what you’d like to receive in your email, but there’s a reason for sending those – beyond the fact that I wanted those posts available on my website – and I thought I’d share that here, too.


You’re reading this, presumably, because you’re working online and you’d like to make a profit using your own website. It’s a viable option in today’s world, where more and more are outsourcing services, buying products online, and doing whatever they do digitally, so others can download, upload, or preload their concepts. The process of marketing what you do online is as easy as loading a few marketing posts on your website and letting your blog send them out to your readers.

Clearly, this requires a few specific items on your website:

  1. First, a website where you can post such a blog post along with plenty of interesting, resourceful, and solution filled content for  your readers.
  2. A blog broadcasting service such as the one I offer on my web design page for a reasonable monthly fee.
  3. Buy now buttons for your website so people have a way to pay you for what they would like to purchase.

And of course, you’ll want to come up with some products, services, and information that people will be willing to buy. Make sure you’re giving them their money’s worth, either in services or product! make money online

The thing is…

When you’re working online, selling products, services, and information, you have to have a plan. I sometimes call my plan a marketing funnel. It’s that circle of action that I prepare for my buyers, so they know what they’ll need to buy next before they’re sifted through the funnel into the next phase of operating their online business.

Some readers visit my blog, read my emails, and contact me for the free information that I offer. Some buy websites and other services, and still others buy my coaching packages, info products, and a wide variety of other training and product packages that allow my business to be successful online, but more importantly – they buy so their businesses can be successful online.  Not everything I sell or send out is limited to online marketing or online business. Those on my list often see other options that apply to living, education, or building a storefront business. I offer some services relevant to retiring from the working world and living in a variety of different ways off the main-frame of society. But most everything I offer is relevant to what I do online. And most everything in one way or another, flows through my funnel.

If you’re reading this to see through the porthole into my life, you’re getting a glimpse of my business and how that works… If you’re looking for something more personal, stay tuned, there are more articles coming, and some venture into what makes me tick. If you’re looking for my brand of ‘crazy’ just stick around a bit, I know I’ll reveal it sooner or later!

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