Marketing 101 – Writers Take Note!

If you’re a writer and you’re not making money doing it, you are most likely doing it wrong.

Let’s make a good strong statement about writing and profit before we get started so you understand my point of reference.

You have a message, a message that only YOU have been given to share with others. You have a responsibility to make a profit as you share that message, because if you’re not profitable… You won’t be able to continue sharing your message.

Paraphrased from Jeff Herring, this is the reality of having a message. You MUST make a profit as you share your message. Without the profit, you can’t continue to share your message. I know… There are those who have other methods of income, some receive disability checks, retirement checks, or have been blessed by trust funds left by wealthy parents, but even those will lose the ability to share their message if the message itself is unprofitable.

Those are facts.

So, let’s talk about how you can make a profit with your message.

#1 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Marketing StrategiesWrite a book and sell your book. This is the top method of getting paid to share your message – but there are many ways to use your book – keep reading!

#2 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Speaking engagements. By using your book as the platform, and promoting it with your blog, your speaking engagements and other promotion methods, you can become popular enough to be PAID to speak. There’s more coming…

#3 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Sell Secondary Listings in your book. This one takes a bit of marketing skill, some writing skill, and a solid message that others support – but you can do it. If you need more information about how to sell secondary listings in your book – buy me coffee.

#4 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Sell ads on your blog. By inviting people to pay for ads on your blog, you open up the door to market their businesses on your website. This is about the same thing as selling ads to a newspaper – only bigger. Your blog may be seen by more people than the average newspaper, if you’re a popular blogger.

#5 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Sell ‘cyber real estate’ to graphic ads. By posting graphic ads with links, you’re essentially selling ad space on your blog, but adding another element of attraction to your blog. You promote for others using graphics, photos, or ad based banners and buttons that show up whenever your blogs are reposted, or posted to social media.

Planning Strategy

#6 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Membership sites are a great way to profit from your message. Charge for people to read what you write. This doesn’t work for all topics, but there are many topics for which people will pay huge sums to read.

#7 Way to Profit from Your Message – 

Sell it as lessons from your blog, through your social media, or even through content where your message is offered in tempting tidbits.

Just think about how much happier you’ll be sharing your message if you’re well fed and living in a stable environment? The power to succeed at your online business, or any business, is finding ways to make a profit. Profit keeps your message strong, and provides you with the ability to keep sharing it.


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