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You’d think being a problem solver would make it easier to market your business online and get to the gist of the problem, by just knowing the solution… But that may not be all it takes.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of who you might market your business to, online?Sean Mize Quote

Who is your audience? Who will buy what you’re selling?

The key process here is making a profit. Without a profit, it doesn’t matter how much you market, or even what you market, your business is ultimately doomed to failure.

As an entrepreneur, you get used to solving problems, for yourself, and for other people, so the solution becomes a part of the process. It is the process, really. The process that makes your business viable, profitable, because without a solution, there would be no profit.

So, how do you profit from offering solutions?

You find the specific audience who NEEDS the solution you offer, and is willing and able to pay for it. 

Let’s get something straight, right off the kick-plate. There are some people who will NEVER pay for the solution you’re offering and they are not in your niche. They may want what you offer, but you’re not selling to them. You’re not marketing to them. And quite honestly, you don’t really even want to spend time marketing to them, and detract from the audience you’re marketing to. Now that doesn’t mean you should make your site unavailable to them, because that would be just crazy… Really crazy, because the people you’re marketing to wouldn’t be able to find you either.

What you need to do instead:

  • Make products that are readily available to the general public through research and appropriations (it’s just a fun word to say, that means FINDING, or GETTING) , available on your site with resources that send them to products you’d rather sell. Links from your readily available, and easy to find products, to the more specific and detailed products that you really put a lot of time and effort into, should indicate that they are more information, more detailed, and more specifically – products you’re marketing for cash.
  • Use the FREE content, that readily available content that you rewrote, sometimes cited, and made easier to understand for the general audience and more specifically YOUR audience as draw, or attraction content, or ‘advertising’ content to bring in the people who will want to purchase the products and services you’re offering to sell.
  • Understand that some people who visit your site for content aren’t going to buy, and know they aren’t the audience you’re SELLING to, but they are part of your market, and there’s nothing wrong with giving them what they want. They’re your ‘free marketers’ because when they find enough of what they want on your FREE Content site, they’ll send other people to your site, by linking, referencing, or referring to your content.
  • Appreciate the vast amount of traffic that gains something and markets your FREE Content, because they will drive your buying market to your site. Occasionally (okay, as often as you feel comfortable doing so), give them a ‘little bit more’ than they were getting before. If some bit of information comes up and you share it on your free content, to attract a bigger audience, it’s just a little more marketing fodder. USE it. Appreciate your readers and give something away, because you can’t out give them!
  • Ask for feedback. You need to know what readers who visit your site want from you, so you can fulfill their need. Don’t be afraid to give, or to ask. These are parts of doing business that you should be proficient at in the early stages, because they will make or break your business.

Always give more than you get. ALWAYS.

Content MarketingThis is really important. Never ask for more than you’re willing to give, and always give more than you get.

You’re an entrepreneur because you like being your own boss. Don’t stifle your creativity by holding it all in, give freely what you know, and offer solutions openly. Those whom you give to will give back, always.

And, you can’t out give God. He will always give you more than you give to others.

Just remember that God doesn’t GIVE without expectation, and you shouldn’t give without expectation either. Give freely that which you can, and always expect something in return. ASK for it.

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