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Marketing StrategyMarketing — rip cord marketing? What the heck is that? You’ve been drifting across the wild blue yonder, but there you are in the right spot to pull the cord, and from that point forward, you’re making the connection. You’ve chosen your landing site, and you know exactly where you’ll land. Your niche — is in the target zone. Need more?

A few days ago, as I chattered with a friend over coffee, I realized that although we have much in common, we have many differences, too. So, how is it that we often end up on the same marketing lists? And, oddly enough, we often buy many of the same things.

So, what is it about either of us that puts us on those lists?

How does that happen?

In the strict process of understanding this marketing strategy from reverse, as a buyer, I recognized a marketing strategy that I tend to avoid in my own business. And yet, that marketing strategy works in many businesses.

So how can I make it work in mine?

Marketing to the masses, with no care about where your marketing lands, generally works best with ‘product marketing’ because people in all walks of life will purchase products. 

Not so with services, particularly not so with business services.

My clients – for the most part – sell products, not services.

So how much of this marketing to the masses applies to my clients, but not to me?

Relevant Marketing –

Relevant MarketingWhen your vision meets the need of your niche, your marketing efforts become relevant. But how does that happen?

When you design a product, put it on the store shelf, and let the customer find your product, you’ve settled into a specific targeted market, often based on the retailer where your product resides until it is purchased. That retail outlet will have a certain type of buyer, who is looking for what you’re selling there. This can bring in a high volume of traffic looking for replicas of the same thing, or a high volume of traffic looking for something specific (as in an antique shop, selling one of a kind).

With online marketing, the diversity of your traffic model becomes a new market in and of itself. Your traffic can literally be world wide, rather than area relevant. How you market online determines how far you reach to the rest of the world.

Note: When I started marketing, I had grandiose visuals of marketing to the world, and shared my message with a world wide audience. More recently, while I do business world wide, and frequently cross state lines, I’m more apt to market to a specific area, closer to home. I like the concept of eventually meeting my clients. So I focus on pockets of clients in areas where I would like to, and most likely will travel to frequently.

Relevant marketing generally targets a specific niche of people who are interested in what you have to sell. You find them online by speaking to their hearts, and letting them find you through search engines, keyword searches, social demographics, and marketing medias.

Profit from relevant marketing can be totally predictable and planned. When you reach out to a targeted and recognizable audience, you already know what they buy and when. Planning your marketing efforts to correspond with their buying habits will make your products stand out, and cut the costs of irrelevant marketing.

Bullseye Marketing –

Bullseye MarketingPerhaps better known as list marketing, email marketing, or targeted marketing – this brand of getting the right message to the right people comes at the cost of building said list. If you don’t have one, you can’t market to your list.

I’ve heard of people buying email lists, and throwing their message at them like a blind man shooting at the mountain, it doesn’t work. Unless you have something to aim at, your message isn’t going to stick.

When you build a list of connected, targeted, buyers, who want what you offer – even if they just signed on for the FREE gift you offered – you have half a chance at making your mark. If they liked your free offer, they may buy what you sell. And more often than not, they’ll share it with their friends and family who WILL buy what you sell. The more specifically targeted your email list, the higher your buyer percentage.

I have one email list with a buy rate of more than 85%, because they are HUNGRY for what I offer, and they WANT my services. To get on that list, they have to have purchased something of value from me in the past, and I don’t TEST products there, unless they are specific to that niche of people. The best part of that list is the response I get from them when they do buy something. I know within hours if it was what they wanted and expected, and if not, they’re asking me for the ‘rest of what they wanted’ which allows me to perfect my product. More often than not, what they request is added as a new product or service, and frequently includes another level of my product/service funnel.


So you’re not expecting the unreasonable, the majority of my lists make between $5 and $10 per person per month on a 90% ratio of regularity.

In case you don’t get it from this part of the message, I LOVE MY EMAIL LIST.

Binge Marketing –

Social MediaAs much as I’d like to not admit this, I’m guilty. I’m so incredibly guilty of Binge Marketing that I named it a few years back, after recognizing that many marketers online do exactly the same thing.

We bust our butts to create a new program, get it done, then start posting like mad-men, until the sales start coming in, then we stall…. 

We stall so we can spend our time creating incredibly awesome products, but the marketing on all phases STOPS while we create. And so does the income we NEED to support our businesses, families, and marketing efforts. So, if you’re still on that binge/spend cycle… STOP IT.

Regulate your marketing by scheduling time to market and using a consistent marketing plan, so your marketing efforts – and therefore income – don’t pause giving you short bank accounts! Market your stuff regularly, and make it a top priority EVERY SINGLE DAY.

When you stay on top of your marketing game, your profits will consistently soar!

consistent marketing and growth

Making a consistent marketing plan and doing it every day will keep your profits growing, keep your business clients increasing, and keep you in business. Do this!

Marketing your business online means consistent growth and profit. If you need help doing this, let’s talk.

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