Marketing Strategies That Work

I often hear about all the failed book marketing strategies, and people whine about why their books on Amazon are only selling a few at a time, or even – none.

Well, a few weeks ago, I published a book under a ‘not-my-name’ author for reasons I’m not going into here, but suffice it to say that the book is a one hit wonder. It’s been the most interesting marketing experiment I’ve ever tried.

sell your bookBefore you go nuts asking me about the book, it isn’t my style, I’m not connecting it to my name, in ANY way, and I’m not giving the book title or pseudonym out so – don’t ask. I’m only sharing the lesson I’ve learned, because it’s been a rather dramatic and very successful.

So, now you know how I learned these strategies… get ready to take notes.

1 – Publish in a popular genre.

This book is published in one of the hottest non-fiction genres, using keywords, names, and conceptual velocities that can be traced, searched, and optimized through search engines, through Amazon, and through various other forms of searching. Anytime someone searches for something in this book, it pops up like a jack-in-the-box.

2 – Captivate the audience fast.

If this were erotica – which it is NOT – the hottest, most daring, risque scene would be the scene shared on the back cover, inside the front cover, and in the description of the book. It isn’t erotica, but I shared the hottest, most daring, risque scene  on the back cover, inside the front cover, and in the description of the book on Amazon. I stop the scene before the climax, and the reader cannot know, without reading the book, what happens to the character.

3 – First lines matter.

If the subtitle, first line of the paragraphs, chapters, scenes, and descriptions don’t draw you directly into the book. STOP WRITING. Find another topic or write this one better.

4 – Know your audience.

How to Meet and Marry a Famous Football PlayerIf you’re not sure who your audience will be for the book, how can you possibly write for that audience? You’ve got to know your audience, inside, outside, dead, or alive, you’ve got to recognize the reader and know how to reach him. Not everyone will read your book; know for an absolute certainty who will. Write to them.

5 – Use their names.

If  you’re writing to sports fans, use names they’ll be searching for in your book. This requires some serious effort, because you can’t use Tim Tebow as the name of your main character in your book. Especially not if it’s a non-fiction. So don’t use the popular names in the popular ways. Perhaps Tim T. Bowers could own your football team?

6 – Maximize title searches.

Use a long-tail keyword search as the title of your book. Not just ANY long-tail keyword search, but the one that most completely connects to the searches your specific audience will be using when they search for the information you’re providing. Like – since we’re stuck on a football theme here – How to Meet and Marry a Famous Football Player.

7 – Press Releases.

Whether you’re doing any book signings, or events with your book or not. Do press releases that get published. I have to admit – this was an accidental part of my marketing program. I hadn’t intended to make a big pond release and send out the massive Press Releases on my book, but I’m glad for the accidental trip of the trigger that sent it broadband to every publishing house and press event on the planet the day of the Big Release.

8 – Tie your book to current events.

If there’s an event happens on the DAY your book is released, or something you can predict to connect it to in press releases, do that. If there’s a person you can connect it to, whether the person is aware of the connection or not, the point is to attach the book somehow to that person, so searches connect the two. Any searches to the person, should bring up your book, and visa versa. This does not have to be a direct connection, get creative and connect them through the search engine optimization.

9 – Expose yourself.

Controversy SELLS. It’s like selling erotica with SEX, if you can generate enough controversy over your book to grab attention when you first release the book, it will sell. People will want to know what’s in it, and they’ll buy it. If you don’t believe that – think ObamaCare, and Nancy Pelosi sold it by saying, “We’ve got to pass this so we’ll know what’s in it.”  The program works. Mystery. Controversy. Sex. They sell. You don’t have to go overboard with this, but stirring up a bit of controversy involving your author name will give people reason to search for your author, and find him/her.

10 – Connect the dots.

Using various forms of media to connect the interactive communications you’ve created to your author, your book, your main character, and your subject is always the first step to bringing your book to the audience, but if you don’t connect all those things individually, and through a variety of combinations, to your audience – how will they connect?

The activation process of these ten steps is the part most people SKIP. Most writers do bits and pieces of the ten steps, but don’t do all ten steps, and they don’t activate the whole connection, so people can’t find their books. The program I offer, will help you find ways to make your book the focal point of your audience.

When you put them all together the right way, you’ll find the whole program works. You’ll have sustainable results, and you won’t have to keep redoing your marketing strategy. Although you will be consistently marketing your book over a period of time, once your audience starts talking about your book – and it won’t take long – they’ll be marketing your book for you. Have the sequel (if there is one) ready to go when this happens.


Do you ever wonder what the big advantage is that keeps you moving ahead of the crowd, rising above the action, and leading the pack to success? I used to look out at the masses from my own vantage point and wonder why people follow me? Why do people read what I write? And why would they want to… Then after looking for a while, I knew. Just as I’m always looking for someone to lead me, they’re all seeking someone to lead them, and I’m in front at the moment. It isn’t about me. It’s about the position. It doesn’t matter who is there… It’s the position, the placement, and the opportunity. What’s your opportunity today?

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