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This post from a few years back, crossed my desk this morning as I chomped happily on a bright red apple, and I just felt like it needed to be shared. 

Brand Recognition Drives Traffic for Successful Marketing Ventures

appleAutumn has arrived. In full glory, crisp fresh mornings dressed in brilliant colors, pale blue skies and those incredibly glorious aromas filling the air. I don’t know about you, but autumn brings to mind the blessed days of winter soon to come, and all the marketing opportunities that go with the winter season.

When I was a young girl, Benny Reynolds brought apples to our home from the west slopes to sell. His family had huge orchards in the Delta Valley and they’d pick the apples then he’d drive over the Continental Divide bringing those luscious red fruits to our hometown to sell. I remember him sitting on a folding chair with Granddad, both of them slicing into apples as the kids got out of school and sending each kid along with a nice wedge of cored red apple to nibble on as they walked home. Within minutes, the parents of those kids would find their way to our home, parking along the street, sometimes two cars deep, buying bushels of apples and loading them into their car.

Apple TruckMy sister and I helped count out the apples and put them into boxes and bags as people bought them, carry them to the cars, and watch happy apple customers from all over town drive off with the best tasting apples on the planet. These apples were so fresh and crisp, they literally snapped when you bit into them.

We would often ask how these people knew to show up the same afternoon Benny arrived over Monarch Pass to sell the apples. We just couldn’t figure that out. Then we’d see the kids pick up apple slices on the way home and we understood how some of them knew. But there were massive numbers of people who would show up from all over the valley to pick up apples as a result of word of mouth marketing.

As I got older, I began to realize that people called each other to tell others that he was there. Not only was Mom calling a large number of people but people called their friends and family to tell them the Apple Guy was in town again. Everybody knew who the Apple Guy was at Granddad’s shop. He parked there every year, and he had his marketing plan together before he arrived.

· High Quality Product – His apples were better than any other apples coming into town. Bigger, tastier, fresher, and shinier.

· Brand Recognition – He drove the same old 1958 Ford Truck with a big green box on the back that said, “Reynold’s Orchards” across the side.

· Personable Sales Reps – Benny and Granddad smiled all the while they were selling. They knew every customer by name and in most cases they had each customer’s order ready when they arrived.

 · Consistent Marketing Strategy – He arrived every year at about the same time, during the afternoon before school let out. He showed up, set up and sold apples.

· Pre-Sold Market – Mom called the same people every single year, the contact list was in her Apple Book and she wrote down how many bushels they took each year, so she’d know how many they’d need the next year.Autumn Apple Harvest

The Apple Guy is one of my favorite Autumn Memories. Each year, I knew he’d arrive about time for my birthday and we’d have apple spice cake with cinnamon streusel topping for the occasion. But more importantly, we got to see friends from our local community that we only saw during that week of the year.

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