Marketing to Millennials?

I’m not young enough?

I got caught up in this question, and realized the person I was talking to didn’t have any children of their own, doesn’t communicate with the next generation, and has no real interest in the generation of which they spoke. My sudden realization gave me pause.

networkIf you don’t connect to a specific group of people, on any level, how would you market to them?

The answer? Get connected!

With such a diverse group – ages 18 – 34, professionals, students, etc. Wouldn’t you want to reach out to at least a segment of that group at some point in your professional career?

I sometimes chuckle when I watch my friends interact with their children on social media. Moms are somewhat defensive, and daughters are often ‘on attack’, whether they intend to be or not. The words and verbiage is there. I hear the Mo-om! in tone, if not intent. Then I remember conversations with my own mother during those years… If only…

Acknowledgement: I have two daughters and two sons (and various in-laws) in those age groups, and I’ve perfected the defensive mom tone. I have it down really well. 

Functional communication happens when I realize they aren’t REALLY attacking me, they just want me to acknowledge they’re RIGHT. (Whether they are or not.)

So what can YOU do to market better to millennials?

Spotlight Mobile Media Presence

When 85% of buyer decisions come from mobile media options, if you’re not THERE and VISIBLE, you’re just not going to get that market. Make sure you’re visible, and reaching the right market.

SuccessMillennials make 85% of their decisions based on mobile media, based on accessibility. If your site loads fast, answers their questions, and provides what they need when they pull it up – meaning FAST performance and REAL info on the front page, they’ll like you.

If your site is an app they can easily add to their cell phone, pad, or tablet, they’re more likely to use your business app.

  • Be useful
  • Be accessible
  • Be speedy
  • Be relevant

Target Groups & Elements

Traditional life practices mean nothing to this generation of people. They’ve acquired their own sense of justice and values based on intrinsic desires to redefine their lives. They view life from a community standpoint, and their community may be global.

Work in placeInteractive global definition brings gaming, trending-independent, and traveling lifestyles into focus for more social networks than ever before. Consider for a moment that this group may have dinner in San Diego with their marketing network and breakfast the next morning in Newark New Jersey with their gaming community spend the day sleeping and fly into Miami for a night on the beach with surfing buddies waiting for the surf to arrive in the early morning. Nothing stops them, they work wherever they land on their phones, ipads, or notebooks, and moving from place to place is an airline ticket away.

They have passports before thy have a driver’s license and more of them lease their vehicle than own one. Some, don’t drive at all.

Alternate lifestyles are the norm, rather than the exception, and social media personalities are more recognizable than political figures.

Find their group, join their communities, touch their hearts.

Be Relevant & Engaging

95% of this market says their friends influence their purchases more than any other single factor. That said, if you’re not selling to anyone in their market, they don’t even know about you. If they aren’t seeing  your face in their social media feed, they won’t recognize you, they won’t care.

The best way to get your message across is to interact with them and convince them to spread your message. They listen to each other.

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