Memorial Day – Remembrances

Remembering those who sacrificed everything for their country this weekend, as we celebrate the freedom we have left, because of their sacrifice.

I have a memory I cherish from my childhood.

A young man in our community fought in Vietnam. He was a friend, a mentor, my hero. I remember seeing him in uniform, the day he left. He had ridden our horses for several years and came to say goodbye to the mare who had been his favorite.

We sat on the haystack for a few moments, him telling me where he was going and that he’d be back. I remember he gave me a hug and walked away. My last memory is of him turning back at the corner in salute. My hero didn’t come home.

I know many who have served, some returned injured, but all the others returned, except one.

The sacrifice is real.

Share a memory in honor of your soldiers…

I have a favorite video, I’m sharing today:
Barry Ward – Freedom at Last

Celebrate the holiday. Remember the fallen. Hold your family and friends close.

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