Mental Energy – Mind Mapping Your Success

“Thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don’t want.”

― Wayne Dyer

When you wake up in the morning with mental energy, thoughts swimming around in your head, they can get all confused and lumped together, intermingled, and tied up like spaghetti if you don’t sort them out, but how? How do you sort out a jumble of spaghetti?

If you pull on one, it tangles up or breaks and then you’ve got half a thought and a whole mess of sauce splattered all over the place. Can I have some syrup for that?

Contain your Mental Energy

Write ’em down. The first thing you should do in the morning, is write all those words out on a piece of paper, and leave them there while you make coffee. Usually the ones that float to the top – the ones you remember to write down – are the important ones anyways… Now grab your coffee and let’s figure out what to do with these words!

mental energyI’m a writer by nature, words simply flow from my fingertips. Sometimes they make sense, and other times… Well, I through those up on a blog and they’re the ones people spend the most time commenting on… I’ll let you take it from there.

The point is, writers have a lot of words stored up and they have to go somewhere. Paper is good. We write them on paper. Once they’re contained on paper, we can sort through them, arrange them, and turn them into something of value. We call it editing. But the folks in the big offices, with the fancy black suits call it ‘mind mapping’.

Sorting Out Energies

So, now that you’ve got your words on paper, let’s mind map them.

mind mapping

Whether your mind map looks like the one above, or the one below on the left, the thing is, you’re focusing your words and energy in ways you can use them.

mind mappingThe point of mind mapping is to organize and direct the mental energy that floods your morning. Since most of us who work in the online marketing industry are somewhat morning people, it’s our first chore of the day – mentally mapping out our programs and processes – to get the work done. One mind map may be increased to include the work of several nap times, but we find ways to add our data to the base. And you know… I’m all about that base.

Mind Mapping Bonanza

A few years ago, a friend mentioned that I often doodled during the day, and I should share my doodles. It has even been discussed that I should be publishing my doodles as adult color books, or some crazy thing… So, I’ve been more specific about filling up A PAGE with doodles.

Mind Mapping

On this page alone, I list two websites I was working on at the time:


I mention a contest I wanted to toss out – if you can figure out who the stick figure guy is, I’ll write an article for your blog publication.

I mention many different ideas and concepts that need to be addressed, probably during that particular day:

  • Should I do a Ted X?
  • I wonder how Beckie is…
  • I mention Bacon and ice cream (I’m betting I was hungry).
  • Conversations. Kids language. Moms. Education.
  • Friday. Leave it to Beaver.
  • I have blog posts to write.
  • Justice Scalia RIP
  • Nap.
  • Someone is a Putz. (Don’t tell him, but I’m betting the pastor came in and pulled a joke on me, and I wrote it instead of saying it. Since I was working in his office.)
  • Bullet points. A train. My trademark signature – the fence post.

Those are the common thoughts, but what was the message in this page of content?

Could I write an article from this?

Many Articles to Come

Without adding words to what is there, I could write many article titles using phrases on the page.  Starting with “Should I Do A TedX?” good question. What about that?

As an author, I can see a plot unfolding to a story I was working on at the time, and specific notes are about that story. (It’s doing quite well now, btw.)

As a business owner, I see inspiration, I see motivation, and I see ideas flowing through a form of energetic thought. Mental energy flows.

We often think if we’re trying to pull a business together, that the ideas will flow in useful ways, but that isn’t really the case…

On this page, I state “I’m not hungry, why am I thinking about food.” So what was the impact of food listed on the page.

  1. Bacon Salad – a concept of adding more meat to a project that was on the plate at the time. I needed to increase the value of the project I was working on, and there were four clients counting on that project, already.
  2. Ice Cream – frivolous. A want, not a need. I wanted to be frivolous. And a nap. Be frivolous, eat ice cream, and take a nap. Oh, yeah! Don’t we all.

I could make those into so much more… The desire for a nap could translate to depression, the need to communicate with my heart. Or it might have been a desire to get out and exercise away my emotions? The point is that I can take those random thoughts and make something of value from them.

Everyone has mental energy. What do you do with yours? Do you need help sorting through the mind map to find value in your mental energy?

Let’s do coffee! Click here for Coffee.

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