Miraculous Marketing Results Happened for JK Rollings

You know they do, you’ve seen them in the JK Rollings type book marketing results, but how can you achieve those kinds of results?

How can you create a best seller and get that kind of readership to buy your book?

Send your book to a celebrity who will read it, review it, and promote it.

Yes. It is that easy…. But who is the celebrity, and is your book that good?

Book Marketing SimpleWhen I caught  up with the first concept of marketing and how it was used in the JK Rollings marketing ploy, I realized anyone could do the same thing, if they just find the right person to market their book. It’s the time, place, person theory of marketing that will drive your book off the shelves and into the hands of the right reader… Who is the reader?

The secret to finding the right person is to figure out who your dynamic reader will be and find the celebrity who speaks to that particular audience. So, let’s consider a few questions, and start figuring this all out.

  • What are the general ages of the characters in your book?
  • What basic demographic defines the lives of your characters?
  • Who is the primary character in your book?
  • Is your primary character attracted to, or by a specific group of people?
  • What audience resonates with the message of your book?
  • Is there a specific message within your pages?
  • When is your book written?
  • Does it appeal to a specific dichotomy?
  • Is there a purpose for your book?

Easy Book Marketing Answer all, or at least some of these questions, and then review the answers to find any celebrities who might fit into your dynamic profile. For instance, if your demographic is young, fantasy seeking, Christian, musically inclined college aged girls, you might consider connecting with Taylor Swift and offering to send her a copy of your book.

Perhaps you need to find a different celebrity. Carrie Underwood might be interested in your book if it’s about an Oklahoma Cowgirl. Or maybe Jennifer Lawrence if it’s about a girl who grows up multi-racial and finds success on the big screen? Maybe you could find a celebrity who loves your writing enough to share it with their audience, or promote it on their next big talk show visit?

The secret to being a hit with someone who loves your book and is willing to promote your work is finding the right person for the book you wrote.

You don’t want to spam anyone with your work, but if you know someone who knows someone, asking them to share your work with a celebrity can make all the difference in how many copies you sell on Amazon. Can you imagine the difference if a celebrity reviews your book? As compared to John Doe, normal every-day person who isn’t well known? There’s a huge difference!

Every review is valuable. Encourage all readers to write reviews of your book.

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