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Interesting concept, a website that MEETS your needs, because it is customized to suit your business. We appreciate the business you do, and understand that your business is original. It’s unique, and of course you appreciate the personalized touches of a customized website.

From the basic elements of the site, including header graphics and essential marketing graphics to detailed SEO, the essential elements of your website can be streamlined to suit your business. Custom touches are in-addition to the basic site, and should be considered as you grow your business.

Let’s start with an essential site, and grow marketing options as needed for additional interactive commerce.

Denver Website DesignerStarting with the basic site, you’ll want a 3 – 5 page layout with some sidebar options, perhaps a sign-in to help grow your marketing list, and some web presence ad-marketing to build your marketing edge. But let’s start with the essential elements and help you put some cash in your pocket before we get into the nitty-gritty of marketing strategy.

ideas to profitOnce you’re working on the site, bringing the content up to your personal expectation, and editing your blog for market niche, we’ll set your traffic generating plan into motion.

So, let’s do this…

Click the buy now button below and let’s get your site package up and running, with a monthly maintenance and continuing service agreement, and then we’ll work on additional services you might want to add to your package.

Your first month, you pay for the basic elements website at $650, and after that you’re billed only for the maintenance package at $24.95 each month, which includes FREE hosting with our services. 

Hitting the Subscribe button constitutes agreement to a subscription for this package for a minimum of one year.

Other services are optional, but are available on request.

NOTE: ALL sites are WordPress and mobile ready.

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