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You’d think a working mom, raising kids, staying afloat in a sea of distress would be able to hold it together even on days when the world crashes in… I mean, she’s always on top of her game. She’s got it all. She’s doing it all. And she knows the game inside out. So why wouldn’t she know how it’s played, and win?

Because sometimes she gets overwhelmed.

Sometimes, she feels like she should have made different decisions, and attempted a different life. But this is the life she has… So she keeps working to make it better.

That’s when she calls a coach.

So, what can a business coach really do for you?

  • Help you sort out the details and thin out the ‘stuff’ so you can find what really matters. A business coach can help you prioritize the rushing mess into less chaos and more accomplishment.
  • Help you arrange time out of your busy life to take a break. A business coach can help you know when it’s time to put the work away and take a walk, play with the kids, or take a night/weekend/vacation for yourself.
  • Help you focus and get the work done. The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have is staying focused and getting ‘it all’ done. They know what has to be done, but everything else comes first – especially if they work from home.
  • Help you determine the profitability of your business. If you’re not making as much as you think you should, there’s help, just a phone call away.

Call a coach.

Some of the best business decisions I’ve made for my business were to hire a business coach – first of all, and then to listen to my business coach. He was a mentor for a long time, supporting my business efforts and focusing on helping me build and grow my business. He was there when I needed answers, and when he recommended that I offer coaching services for young moms, or women business owners, or the men entrepreneurs who were part of my client list.

I thought he was joking…

Until he showed me a business plan that worked right in with my business. It worked in so well that for the next three years, as I added coaching services to my ‘list of things to do’ I didn’t advertise my services. (Really SAD deal there… )

I spent a lot of time offering coaching services to clients who needed help I could provide, in exchange for coffee, or dinner.

Then one day, on a phone call with a client, my son-in-law pointed out that if the person on the other end of the phone had been paying even half as much attention to what I was telling her as HE HAD BEEN, she’d be able to do everything she needed to do for her business without ever calling me again.

I asked him for a list of the information I’d given her, and any details he remembered. 7 Pages of Content later, most of it in bullet points, he handed me the list, in somewhat legible scribbles.

While I’d waited for his notes, I’d been writing my own list of details including what I’d been instructing others for the past several months about making their online businesses successful. Then…

I asked a few clients if what I’d given them had been helpful.

One client repeatedly said, “You’ve told me this a hundred times, but I don’t listen or do it.”

So, I asked him, “Why?”

He said, “You’re my friend. A real coach would be charging me for all this information. So, I don’t recognize it as valuable. Although, I know it is, and I should.”

What’s it worth to you?

Please leave a note in the comments and tell me if you’ve benefitted from consulting with me, or from my coaching in your business, or why it did, or didn’t work. I’d like to know…

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