My Biggest Customers Are Strangers

You’re probably going to be a little bit surprised by this, because I often talk about my family, friends, and clients on here – but the biggest spenders in my business are total strangers.

I got caught up in the ‘story hour’ earlier today and a new client, one who actually doesn’t know me well asked about my blog, and how he could benefit from his blog. Knowing how he does business, and the reality of his ‘persona’ I realized that he probably needed to know the reality of my personal marketing dynamic And to be honest, many of you do too.

The biggest buyers are not my family and friends. They’re total strangers.

Smile at Strangers


Because my family and friends expect me to give them information for FREE. They don’t always get it, but that’s what they expect.

Here’s why…

When my family and friends see what I do, they often say that it’s ‘not a real job’ in fact, I’ve had several suggest that I ‘go get a real job’.

I’ve considered it a time or two, then I rethink the objective, because no matter what I do at this point in my life, working for someone else, isn’t going to gain my goals. In fact, I would be hard pressed to be able to put in another 10 years working for someone else, and there’s a good chance that I can work through retirement, if I choose to – doing what I do. My goals include working, writing, and participating in life with my children. Those are my goals, my dreams.

Why would I go back to work at a ‘job’ just because people who don’t buy what I sell, and don’t understand my work, think I should get a ‘real job’?

niche marketThat’s the point of this whole blog…

My buyers are total strangers.

I was curious how many of my friends and family are on my LIST. Given that the number of people on my list pretty much determines my monthly income. (I can pretty much count on $3 for every person on my list each month.) I ran a quick tally of my lists to make sure the percentages were still the same. And here’s the results.

22% of my entire list (everyone on every list) are family and friends (people I know in person)

80% of them have never made a single purchase from my business – including buying a book from Amazon.

78% of my list are total strangers, and only about 12% of those have ever emailed me about anything other than a product, or asking about a different product.

96% of them have purchased products from me, ranging from $7 – $15,000 in services or products.

Average per person annual income from my list of BUYING customers, so the 96% of the 78% is $11 per month income.

I don’t separate out the few who are on several different lists, other than to break them out of the ‘family and friends’ model. So – some of the buying list are counted twice, which increases the amount purchased per person each month.


Strangers support my business, buy my products, and purchase my services.

This is relevant to my business, and to yours, because the majority of your business profit will come from complete strangers who are on your list. How many strangers are on your list?

A few days back, I was chatting with a friend who mentioned that she often gets “I can’t help you with your business,” from family members and friends when she shares her business opportunity with them. I get the same, or similar response from my family and friends.

“I can’t help you with your business.”

Essential Marketing Package

I’ve never ASKED them to HELP me with my business. I offer a valuable product and viable services to my buying clients. My clients do not buy what I offer to ‘help me with my business’. They buy what I offer because it benefits THEM. My programs are beneficial to business owners, and I give way more than you pay for – all the time. Just ask my clients how often they get additional marketing, back links to their websites, or even articles written with references to their websites – that they don’t pay anything additional for. I’ve even been known to add a few blog posts, for clients who let me know they’re running into difficulty getting their ‘blogging done’ because YOUR success makes ME feel good.

I will travel out of my way to meet you once you’re a client – and I’ve gone the distance many times to help a client who signed on and then needed extra help to keep their business going. You may be a complete stranger when you buy my products, but I definitely consider you my friend and will do whatever I can to help your business online succeed.

Now, let’s put this show on the road and kick some international information highway blacktop. Or leave some rubber, whichever sends you further down the road to success.

What can I do to help you be successful? Leave a message and tell me what we can do to make your business online a complete and total success.


My Biggest Customers Are Strangers — 2 Comments

  1. I have a friend that has been in business for himself since he left college. He and his wife BOTH have businesses. He told me that when he met and married his wife, his dad pulled his new wife aside on their wedding day into a unoccupied room and said, “Your husband’s brother has a great job that I think he can get him into the company if you convince him.”

    He has told me that nearly EVERY phone call he makes to his father, at SOME point his dad hints that he needs to get a real job and not fool around with “that business stuff.”

    Some don’t or can’t see it. But don’t shut down their dreams because you can’t see it.

    • That’s an interesting form of favoritism, one son works for a company, the other one is a business owner. I ran into a similar thing about 30 years ago with my family.

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