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My Biggest Customers Are Strangers — 2 Comments

  1. I have a friend that has been in business for himself since he left college. He and his wife BOTH have businesses. He told me that when he met and married his wife, his dad pulled his new wife aside on their wedding day into a unoccupied room and said, “Your husband’s brother has a great job that I think he can get him into the company if you convince him.”

    He has told me that nearly EVERY phone call he makes to his father, at SOME point his dad hints that he needs to get a real job and not fool around with “that business stuff.”

    Some don’t or can’t see it. But don’t shut down their dreams because you can’t see it.

    • That’s an interesting form of favoritism, one son works for a company, the other one is a business owner. I ran into a similar thing about 30 years ago with my family.

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