New Business Start Ups – 3 Tips for FAST Profits

New Business Start Ups often struggle with funds to get the business off the ground. Did you ever wonder how you get those first business building profits for your business online?

The key may be easier than you ever thought possible, so let’s take a quick look at how you can have a new business start up, and make profit fast.

“I want business to prosper and make a profit caused by business expansion and prosperity.”

~Roy Barnes

When you start your business, base your growth and prosperity on intentional expansion and prosperity. Plan for it. Strategize for it. Make it happen because that’s how you plan your business. The reality of building in profits is that it doesn’t come by accident, it happens because you plan for it. Profit is an intentional part of business growth.

In the early days of building a business, you may think the struggle is just part of your experience, but over time, I’ve realized the struggle is literally a lack of planning for success. 

New Business Start Ups

New Business Start Ups – Ignition

Can we say – get started? Drop your pebble in the water and start the ripples, so your business can grow. If you never do anything at all, other than build the site, add content, and stand back to watch – your business won’t do anything either.

If you build it, they will NOT come… Until you let them know it’s there.

Advertising and Marketing

There’s a little difference between advertising and marketing, but essentially both put your business in front of an audience and start building your presence. The bigger the presence, the more widely spread you share your business online, the more likely people are to know you’re there and come to you for products and services. You have to do more than open the door! You have to send out the news that you’re open and invite people to come to you.

Paid Advertising Options

Anywhere you purchase advertising for your site is considered a paid advertising option, but there are some options that fare better than others as far as results. Checking out these options and testing for results is an easy, and can be fun, thing to do. The best options include capturing names and addresses of those who do click…

Success and profit

So what really kicks up the profit when you’re just getting started?

1 – let everyone know you’re starting right now, and give them a price break for first come, first serve.

Those first clients should be ‘in on the ground floor’ with a great first come price, and a long term benefit for calling you first. Some of my ‘first clients’ are still getting services for their ‘start-up price’ because they’ve remained good and steady customers. Others end up paying more, because they leave and come back. Loyalty gets the benefit. Make sure they know there’s a benefit coming if they buy now and stick with you!

2 – open up the doors with a “friends and family” to invite people to recommend your great services.

10% additional discount if you bring a friend with you, often counts as a huge discount, and some will bring more than one friend. At a recent “First Day Opener” one particularly gregarious customer knew the service was going to be great, so she brought ten friends and got her services for FREE, because she got 10% off for each friend who paid for services that day. Amazing results come from discounts for referrals. (I often carry these discounts well into a marketing program, because the benefits are amazing.)

3 – first month free with an annual contract brings in substantial numbers of new customers.

This doesn’t mean you have to give away your main service if you usually bill for that during the first month, but how about the monthly services. Could you maybe give away the first month of a monthly service to get things off to a booming start with some money in the bank? Or at least some coming in the door every month as part of your initial kick off?


As a stellar offer to meet these expectations, I’ve got a killer deal for you to kick off your online presence for 2017. If you have a website and would like to increase your base program to include more SEO, an article, or marketing – whatever program I offer on a monthly basis. If you start it during January, and run a 1 year contract, I’ll give you the first month at no charge. (Remember it has to run the entire year!)

For more information – give me a jingle 303.968.6863.

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