Open Letter to My Clients

I got a message from my mentor earlier today, and this was really awesome… An opportunity that should be available for anyone.

You see, I struggle with not being able to help enough people, in fact, I woke up feeling really sick, kind of sour, about the opportunities I’ve watched fall by the wayside, people missing out on what ‘could have been’ and even people who worked their buns off, and didn’t do what they needed to do, or couldn’t figure out what to do, to achieve their dreams. I was feeling really bad, because there are so many out there who just haven’t figured it out.

And quite honestly, they’ve given up…

It isn’t right.

Everyone should have an opportunity, and for that reason alone, I decided to just offer this package and let it go for an affordable price that anyone can do.

Start Your Own BusinessOne of the most traumatic experiences of my life happened this past summer as I sat inside my truck in a parking lot near enough the Burger King to use their WIFI as I finished a project online. I’d been experiencing some situational changes that left me temporarily with no place to stay, except for renting a motel, or staying in my truck, or camping. I love to camp, so I had found a nice corner of the countryside, mountain views, and stars shining overhead and put the tailgate down, blew up the mattress and I’d camped in the back of the truck for a few nights before my new place was ready to go. Burger King wasn’t open yet, but I had been contacted by a client and the job needed to be done. So there I was waiting for them to open.

The top was down on the truck, and I was full on concentrating on my work. Didn’t have a clue anyone was anywhere near, and suddenly there’s a knock on my window.

I didn’t know the face in the window. And it was far too late to close the top. I was essentially unprotected. So, I asked what he needed.

He said, “I’m cold, and I need to plug my laptop in. I wondered if you’d let me sit with you for a while?”

He was a stranger. I was alone. And he wanted to get into my car.

Then he said it, “Jan you know me online. I’ve worked with you and written content for you.”

I recognized his name, and when he told me a bit more, I unlocked the door and let him sit in the passenger seat. He’d worked for me more than once, and about a year before I’d built a small website for him, but I’d never met him.

We were even friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, and he followed me on Twitter, because we marketed to the same crowds. He was a veteran, homeless, but still working online as much as possible, and right now, borrowing my power plug made it possible for him to work.

He had his own cord.

We raced to finish writing articles, and challenged each other to writing duels. Then when Burger King opened we went inside and shared a table, with coffee and breakfast as we finished working for the day, and I learned something very valuable about working online.

Anyone can do it.Be an Entrepreneur

LITERALLY anyone can do it. Even a homeless veteran who doesn’t have anything more than a cell phone and a backpack with a laptop.

I’m telling you his story (and my story from last summer) to reveal the impact that this package I’m about to share can have on your life. You can do this anywhere, and you can start right now, to be successful enough that you don’t have to give it all up, before you end up without any resources.

I feel strongly enough about sharing this package, to do so without rebranding it first, because I can let it go for less money IF I don’t take time to rewrite it and rebrand it first.

My mentor has offered it to me without rebranding it as a reseller package. You can use it, but you can’t resell it, without rebranding it for yourself.

Just click the banner below and grab your copy before I rebrand it and change the price. Don’t wait. I’m rebranding it right now.



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