Paw-sitive Thinking…

When I’m the one taking care of the kidlets in the evening, we often find a movie that helps the kids either go to sleep, or just quiet down… Something I can stand to watch, and still something that interests them. Considering these two are my Alaska babies, the movies we frequently end up watching are either Alaska based, or winter, because…  we love snow.

Tonight’s movie was Snow Buddies.

grandmaWith the worst of the campaign season behind us, my ballot cast, and the decision making process working through the system, it was truly time for me to let go of the stress and enjoy a night with the boys. Kade snuggled up close and played with my fingers until he figured out that he could pull on my fingers and get a rise out of me. I’d squirm, and swat at him, playfully, then go back to watching the movie.

Kade is six. Just the right age to think he can get the best of Grandma arm wrestling, thumb wrestling, or kicking, at least, until Grandma ties him in a tangled up knot and holds him in place with one hand, while giggling at the little brother, who is trying to help him escape.

Life happens as the snow falls.

This week has been horrendous for our family. Another grandson started the week out with seizures he’s never had before, and then we found out he has epilepsy – a mild version – but still yet, epilepsy. My son-in-law is fighting a bad case of Bronchitis, and his supervisor has his head up his butt, so Kevin isn’t getting to take care of himself like he should. But, you know… Army.

working momMy daughter has her hands full with her son and his epilepsy, and she needs a break, but I’m too far away to help – beyond listening, and rushing out the door to drive when I need to be there – and I’ve done that this week too.

Plus… I work too. I have jobs piling up, one in particular that needs my attention and it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Then clients… I have clients… Several who need attention, and this month my billing is late going out because – you know – life.

No snow fall here in the Springs yet this year, and I can’t really say I’m grateful for that… Other than the knowledge that when it snows later in the month of November, we generally get more snow through the winter. For that I’m happy. Colorado needs moisture.

And there are a few other little issues backing us up against the wall…

Not the least of which is the current concern of who will win the election tomorrow. If this… then… that. You know the story. My concerns are real, and it doesn’t much matter who makes the grade, I have serious concerns either way. I do believe a landslide is due, pending in fact. I just pray it happens on the right side of the hill.

All of that will work itself out. God has this. He’s got our backside, and He knows what we need. Even before we pray and tell him… He knows.

On the movie… Paw-sitive. 

As the movie ended, my son-in-law joined us, and when he heard the bit about paw-sitive thinking near the end of the movie, he said, “I smell a blog post… ”

I had to comply. I had to make it happen.

A blog post. Paw-sitivity. It’s so me… except for paws. No paws. I just like positivity. Not paws. I’m not a dog person. They’re cute to watch, but I’m just not into paws. Dog slobber makes me break out in hives… So, I don’t do dogs. Or paws.

But I do positivity. So… I do paw-sitivity. Because.

While you’re sitting there thinking, reading, and wondering what to do about whoever wins this election, I just want you to remember ‘paw-sitive thinking’ and…

“Life may lead you where you least expect, but have faith that you’re exactly where you need to be.”

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