Perry Marshall Rocks the Sales and Marketing World!

Always a big fan of the 80/20 principle, I decided I had to have Perry’s latest book, at a price of ONE CENT. Of course, it cost me $6.99 in shipping and handling, but that’s okay, the book was just a penny, and worth every single ounce of copper in it!

I’m excited to be reading this in paper – I can’t believe he sent me the real book! I thought I was just getting the ebook. But I guess that $6.99 really was SHIPPING costs!

And I’ve read a whole chapter. You can bet your butt on the chair time, I’ll be reading more of this book, pen in hand, making notes in the margins, and probably writing more articles about it after I’m done reading it… This info is worth sharing!

Perry Marshall Rocks it!

Besides the fact that he wraps his words around white privilege and gives punctuation to the purple prose that delivers a mighty message of power to the 80%, his 20% makes a difference for this happy girl! And if you don’t get it, I’ll give you a link so you can.

Powerful. Political. Prominent. Principled.

The words describing the definitive power within the covers of this book probably all start with P for Profit. You can if you want to, and he will show you how! But there’s so much more, because he gives you reason to build your business under the bridge, in the city, in the country, and wherever else you want to build it, and grow it to prosperity, because you my good friend were born with a proverbial silver spoon in your mouth and no opportunity is beyond you. Don’t believe me?

Read the book.

Read the darned book!

Opportunity abounds in this world and when you realize that, you’re in the 20% who has access to the 80% of opportunity that will make you plenty to live in the 20% (or 1% if you’re that danged greedy) of the population that can actually provide for the 80% who rarely work, and make no real money when they do. So, get off your lazy carcass and get to work hunting down the principles, power, and political awareness that will land your backside on a job, or in a business that will power up and produce enough to support the 80%. There’s no getting out of it… Somebody’s got to do it. So why not you?

Move it!

You already have what it takes, and you can read the book. CLICK HERE to buy.

Perry Marshall goes to France



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  1. Was this too harsh?

    Some have mentioned that I should tone it down a bit, because I overload on the GO DO IT syndrome here, but I don’t think so. Don’t you ever just feel like if someone had told me to go do it, sooner – I’d be further down the road toward achieving my goals?

    I’m a reader and a thinker, and I fixate on the concepts… Often for far too long. But I’d like to think it makes sense to just get after it, do the job, and win sometimes, because the opportunity appeared. Today, I’m going for the win. Today, I’m making some changes. Let’s do this!

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