Promotions Matter

You’d think it’s easy to promote others, but sometimes… It takes a bit of effort. Your promotions matter!

Over the past year, I ignited a program where I was promoting a variety of client/associate/friends websites, offering up links and recommendations for those who have served me well in the past. I often hire out to virtual assistants, mentors, or business partners and obtain services from them. Those services are beneficial to my own business, just as my services are beneficial to theirs.

The objective for promoting them isn’t to send my customers away, but rather to allow my customers to see what is available to help them become the most successful they can be online. Promotions matter, because my customers want to know who offers services they need, and I’m all about offering those solutions!

Red Cap Sales Coach

Hugh Liddle

Hugh Liddle

This guy is known to most as the Red Cap Sales Guy. I have referred many clients to him for informative lessons about SELLING your product. In the marketing industry, there’s always a place for sales. We like to think no product requires sales… If you want the product, you’ll find it and buy it, if we market the product well enough… But the truth in marketing is that SALES is a requirement for most products. If you’re not selling it on your marketing page, you’re going to need a method to get that product in front of the right audience, and that means selling. This guy will help you get over the fear of selling, and improve your personal sales results. And… He’s good.

red cap sales coach

Kevin Cullis at HWJDB

Kevin CullisThe HWJDB guy sets up your business for Biblical Success, using Fish Tank Startups.LLC a company he’s built on the basic teaching foundation of Biblical Principles. Remember the talents? You really believe it was a parable? If you’re not convinced the talents were real, or that they have something valuable to say about how you do business – today – you need to talk to Kevin Cullis.

He shares his wisdom and insight through a process of coaching and his book, of the same name How Would Jesus Do Business?

For more information, or to attend one of his inspiring work-days, click on the link below and register. He’s a library of knowledge. Sales promotions matter with fish tank startups. Ask who he recommends.

Business Development - Fish Tank Startups


Mommy Blogger Brenna Seibert

Mommy Blogger Brenna Seibert got caught up in marketing her wares on her Pages of Pmother daughterarenthood, as an affiliate marketer, she’s stuck with books and other actual “mommy products” to help other moms. Her ‘mom notes’ and ‘life hacks’ are skewed for parenting styles of the real and natural, emanating from the elements of a combined family. From hover mother to soccer mom, this girl depends on classic elements of parenting to move her through the day and bring success to her online blog and market.

Pages of parenthood

Diane C. Brown Consulting

Diane C. Brown Consulting is an industry leader in the “Savings Consulting Space” and she achieves GREAT BIG results in many ways. She provides her clients the highest level of service to capture the broadest range of tax credits and incentives, operating and cost reductions and much much more.

Her life work of building business will benefit you as she offers advice and knowledge to help your business grow.

Networking is a foundational element of Diane’s business. Promotion matters in her business, as much as it does in your. Ask her who she recommends you talk to for improved business connections. promotions matter

DLE – Corporate Entertainment

Planning a corporate event? Not only do we have a list of absolutely AMAZING speakers who would be amazing additions to your presentations, but music and entertainment from our Las Vegas Style selections will keep you rocking deep into the night – show band style!

That’s what they say about the event planners and musicians at … After you’ve taught all the best information, your team will want to settle in for some serious entertainment. What could be better than a Las Vegas style show band, or dance band?

Bring down the house with one of our talented teams of musicians and dancers, big band style.

Set a theme for your party and we’ll pick the tunes. Or you pick the tunes, and we’ll send in the band that will rock you event with satisfied memories.

Las Vegas Show Band

Who do you promote?

Promotions Matter

Above, I’ve listed a small group of just a few of the many associates I promote, and use when I need their services. Don’t hesitate to click on their links (their websites will open from any link) and see what they offer for you.

Promotions matter, so if you have a recommendation, or would like to be recommended on a future page, please leave a comment, including the link where provided.



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