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Refreshing, Bold Marketing Solutions — 2 Comments

  1. Jan, you rocked it with this post…literally! Let me begin my thanking your friend who gave you a kick or a nudge regarding the importance of telling people what you do and how you can support them.

    Often times it’s not a lack of self-confidence that prevents us from sharing, but the way we were raised not to speak too much about ourselves. The other side of the coin is that we often assume that others know what we do and if they need our services, they’ll ask! Unfortunately, that’s often not true. We need to talk about what we do and discover what challenges people in our market have so we can serve them. They can hire us and buy our products.

    Thanks for the various steps you outlined and ways we can do this effectively. I believe in sharing value for free, but we’re also in business so we should be paid for our services and products, and the transformation we bring to our prospects and clients.

    • As a fellow marketer, I’m always amazed when I realize someone else is on my same path to success… Or not. We open the door, but we forget to turn the light on so people can see what’s inside our house. They want to come in, but nobody wants to enter the darkness without knowing what is on the other side. I appreciate the opportunity to share what I do with other successful women (and men) who boldly reveal their own businesses to help others.

      Self-promotion packs a power punch we can’t receive from any other method of promotion. Others don’t have our message completely. 😀

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