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Responsive Marketing — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jan,

    Responsive marketing sounds like a very interesting idea.

    I’m not really sure how it works, but it seems like it would require you to be immediately available to your audience.

    This is certainly a concept that’s different from mapping out long-range campaigns.

    I’ll have to explore this more.

    Thanks for the explanation.


    • Donna,

      It’s less about being immediately available to your marketing, and more about being available in many forms. If you have a storefront, for instance, and people are traveling through, they’ll be seeking you via phone. So your website needs to be available to that tech style, and must offer enough information to make their search “responsive” and of course “valuable.”

      I’ve found that by writing content and providing a good amount of content on my website, my readers find me, find what they need, and when they do connect with me personally, it’s on a coach/consultant basis, or for an actual job.

      I really do enjoy the ability to offer value via many platforms. Social media increases the options.

      Thanks for coming by!


  2. Hi Jan,

    Great post. Responsive marketing sounds like a great idea – adapting to what your audience/potential customers want from you, and making content and reaching out to them in new ways. I’ve been trying to do this and recently found a niche that my followers were interested in – marketing hotels and bed and breakfasts.

    I’m now working on a new content strategy to cover that niche in more detail, and I’ve made videos, etc to share on social media to back it up.

    • Max, you need a matrix. It’s so easy. You create a basic template of 7 specific things you can talk about. Then under each of those items, you break it out into seven more specific topics, and you can break it out as many times as you need to. But you never run out of topics to write and pieces of your puzzle to put together.

      I love new concept writers. I wish you all the best. If you need ideas… Stop by and ask. Great concept you’re working on!

      Be blessed.

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