Sales Strategy – Red Cap Introduction?

sales strategyEvery now and then, I come across someone who teaches sales strategy and methods I can back up with support, or encourage. The Red Cap Sales Coach shows up in that category frequently, whether he’s doing his own marketing, or sponsoring some other training expert to get the task done.

Hugh Liddle’s desire to change the way the world perceives salesmen is nothing short of a modern miracle. We’ve all met the troublesome and pushy sales reps who shove their information down your throat whether you want it or not… But there’s a better way. And he cares enough to share those other methods and strategies.

What Sales Strategy do YOU use?

The Army way “I’m looking for a few good men.” has worked for years, to captivate the interest of a ‘few good men’. But what about you? Do you put the word out and bring your business to the front door, or do you chase it down the street?

“I’m looking for a few young married couples with young children, because they can really benefit from what I offer.” One Life Insurance Agent announced when she introduced herself at a local business round table.

“I’m looking for new business start-ups who need websites and marketing strategies for their online business.” Denver Web Studio offers websites, marketing strategies, and plans to help you put your business online.

“Do you know any parents who need hope and encouragement in their lives?”  a Mom Blogger opens the door to new readers on her blog.

Do any of these ideas sound familiar, or do you think they might work? Do you use a different sales strategy to bring in business?

What Sales Strategy and Methods Work Best?

At a recent Corporate Training Event, I listened to sales reps complaining about not getting the kind of results they wanted from their usual hard set strategies. One repeatedly stated that his methods of making direct sales no longer worked, because he was having to make the call and close before he got off the phone. Most people just wouldn’t buy.

Do you build relationships with these prospects?

He said he didn’t think he even got to know their names before he started pushing the sale. If you don’t even know their name, how can you sell them anything? Don’t you want to be recognized by those selling to you?

Do you get referrals from anyone?

Referral marketing offers an opportunity for the customer to know you before they buy from you. A friend recommends your services, and they know their friend won’t steer them wrong. They already know that you sold services to their friend. Their friend trusted you. They might trust you too.

Can these methods work every time?

Perhaps not every time, but more often than not, if you get to know your buyers, and speak to them like you care about them… They’ll buy from you.

Why Red Cap Sales Strategy Works.

red cap introductionBack in the day, we all picked the red stocking cap, because it was familiar. It was easy to find. It was recognizable. Everybody knew who wore the red cap.

Red cap means energy.

Red cap sales strategy works because it’s easy to recognize. Everybody knows who has the red cap. More often than not, everybody even knows the name of the last person with your strategic red cap.

It’s all about success! Red cap tops off a successful sales strategy and kills it with a successful sales campaign.

Here are three amazing ways you can use the Red Cap Sales Coaching to improve your business online:

#1 – Find your why. This may be the most significant thing you can do to WIN at marketing or sales. Know WHY you’re selling a product. What benefit do your customers get from you selling the product, and what benefit do YOU get from selling the product? It’s important to know WHY you’re making the sale.

#2 – Learn how. Now that you know why ^^^ you should learn HOW to make the sale. It’s far easier than you think. If you know why you’re making the sale, the HOW should be far easier, because you’ll learn the incredible easy way to draw in and attract your buyer, instead of hog tying them and forcing your product down their throats.

#3 – Accept success. When you know why you’re selling a product, you know HOW to sell the product, you’re going to be successful so you’ll want to know how to accept all of that success. It really is a thing. There are people who are so certain of their own inability to succeed that they never accept success as an option. Accept success.

Am I sending you to Red Cap Sales Coaching to find out how to SELL? Of course, then come right on back here and learn how to run your business!

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