Saturday’s Coffee Clatter – Unhinged & Confused

Change the WorldAre you crazy enough to think you can make a difference in this big ole world?

Chances are, if you think you can… You will.

The last several months, our world has spun off it’s axis, it’s become unhinged, and confused, and not much about our current events has been experienced previously to this by any who are alive today. That may feel overwhelming, challenging, and even a little confusing, but I promise you… This too shall pass.

God in his infinite wisdom created man to make his own decisions.

Like a good parent who raises up their children to adulthood, trained to take on the world, and sets them free to make the best decisions they can make based on experience, life lessons, good advice, and prayerful consideration, God sets us free to decide for ourselves. He doesn’t stand behind us with a whip snapping it at us to make a specific decision, instead he walks beside us, allowing us to choose our path, carefully considering with us each decision we make, ready and willing to help us up when we make the wrong choice, choose the wrong way, or even if we stumble and fall.

He allows us to experience consequences.

Unlike many parents, God allows us to experience the consequences of our bad decisions. Consequences, the natural kind that happen as a result of our choices, become lessons in why we should listen to God as we make our own choices. They are not punishment, they are simply consequences of the choices we make. In much the same way that a parent stops protecting us from our own stupid decisions in life, God stops cushioning our falls, and starts letting us feel the damage of the fall.

You can only repeat so many times, “That’s hot, it will burn you.” before a toddler reaches for the oven door.

When we heed the warning, blessings come.

“Stay back from the oven, the cookies will be ready in a moment.” a mother promises her child. And later, before they’ve cooled too much, the child is given a warm, still melty-chocolate cookie, as a reward for standing back from the oven. A mother’s wisdom results in a great reward, and the child is pleased. The mother is happy. All is well…

How much more is the Father pleased when we listen, when we apply our experience, when we choose to follow the better path? Do you believe in God’s abundance?

abundanceOut of his abundance, our rewards come. We are blessed by the incredible goodness that comes from God, every day. We just have to look around to see it.

When we offer gratitude, in a gracious spirit of thankfulness for all things that come our way, we open the door to receive more blessings, and God continues to send blessings our way. Be grateful. Show your gratitude to others. Tell people Thank You, and be sincere!

It’s such a simple thing to do…

And it makes such a huge difference in the world around you, not only in your own life, but in the lives of others. If you are grateful and tell others how much you appreciate them, frequently, you are blessed more. Open up your heart and tell someone Thank You for all they do to be a blessing in your life.

Yes, my friend, you can change the world. You can make a difference. And you can do that so simply, by just telling those around you how much you appreciate their presence in your life!

Be grateful!

Thank You

Go ahead, click on the Thank You and see what happens!

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