You’d think someone would have figured it out by now…

The BIG Hairy SECRET of marketing on the internet, and why 87% of all buyer decisions are made online, before they ever get to the front door of your business. You’d think… Right?

Well, some of us have figured it out. It’s called Mobile Ready Websites.

If your website doesn’t show up well on mobile, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is on the computer. Did you get that?

The secret to powerful online marketing is literally, the easiest thing you’ll EVER do. Making your site mobile ready.

It’s a step. It’s a simple question to your web designer, and if they don’t say, “Yes, we do mobile ready websites!” RUN, do not walk to the better guy down the street who does.

Let’s be clear here…

  • Mobile websites don’t cost extra.
  • Mobile websites aren’t more difficult to build.
  • Mobile websites DO HAVE content.
  • Mobile websites have outstanding graphic elements.
  • Mobile websites are great at social media.
  • Mobile websites are fully functional on a regular computer.
  • Mobile websites are AMAZING marketing tools.
  • Mobile websites are CRISP and CLEAR on all media.
  • And the BEST… Mobile websites are MY specialty!

Yeah, I do mobile websites WELL. In fact, I do them so well, that even my ‘non-mobile’ websites are usually mobile ready, because – yeah – I’m just that good.




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