Serving up a cup of AMAZING!

With all the negativity floating around the country right now, I thought it might be time for something positive and uplifting. Most of you know I’m not really a beach girl. I prefer mountains, but this little meme kind of makes me feel good.

serving a cupIt’s Friday.

It’s Veterans Day.

It’s the third day into a new President Elect – Congratulations President Trump!

It’s a great day to show someone in your life how totally AMAZING they are and share a smile or two.

Take a moment and tell someone in your life today, how much you appreciate that they’re in your life. Tell your co-workers how much you appreciate them showing up today, doing their job, and being part of your working life. Tell family members how much you love them, and remember to tell them Thanks for all they do to make your life better. And more than anything else – today – serve yourself up a cup of AMAZING and do something nice for yourself. It’s okay to bless yourself now and then, know you’re loved, and feel the blessing.

Now… There’s a lot  of work to be done today, so I’m going back to work. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you.


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