Shoestring Marketing Concepts for Business Owners

shoestring marketing conceptsShoestring marketing concepts build brand recognition you can rely on. More and more often, I’m asked by small business owners, how to market their businesses without spending a lot of money. I have a few clients who blow a lot of money gaming the system, trying to buy traffic, or worse, trying to build a business without doing anything of value, and they never get anywhere. Never. Get. Anywhere.

Then, they call and want me to explain why they’re on page 3 or 60 of the Search Engines, for their keywords, and why they get no traffic, and more… Why they don’t covert readers they do get to buyers… Here’s the quick answer:

Fear of Success.

Nobody ever really says, ā€œIā€™m afraid of being successful.ā€ But really, how many are scared to death of finding success and not having any excuse for their lame existence (me included). Most people fear failure, so they just never really get off the center pivot and do anything they might fail to accomplish – resulting in NO SUCCESS.

If you say, I’m afraid of success,n bvnhy]\

,..jh.,,m or I’m afraid of failure, the words sound lame, but the reality is often true. When you recognize the reality of how success can change a life, fear of change can become fear of success.

Let’s work on changing that problem into a solution, by finding working methods of becoming successful.

Keep reading for shoestring marketing concepts you can use to make your Business Successful.

Know What You Do –

This may sound silly, but how often do you meet someone and ask them what they do, only to have them stammer over a list of duties they perform? Do you think they’d have better responses to their list if instead, they communicated results? What about one of these responses?

  • I defy the reflection in the mirror with age defying routines. (Mary Kay Rep)
  • I bring main street marketing to the world wide web. (Online Marketer)
  • I take people where they need to go. (Uber Driver)
  • I remove the sting of business start ups, by adding confidence. (Start up Consultant)
  • I burn rubber and flip vehicles to keep you safe. (Auto-Test Driver)

By creating an eloquent, short bit of explanation to tell people what you do, you create curiosity and compel them to seek more information.

Shoestring Marketing Concepts –

Know your market. Know who your customer is. Market directly to that dynamic, by appealing specifically to their needs. Offer solutions that will make a difference, get your customer’s attention, and drive more business.

A local custody lawyer sponsors a little league tournament every year in my hometown. Trust me, when someone needs a custody attorney, they are vying for this particular guy, although most don’t know what he does. His motto “Your child matters to me.”

Network Resources & Solutions –

Do you have a network of people who refer others to your business? An gregarious wedding planner guest posts regularly on a blog for her favorite venue. Other wedding planners don’t have a chance, if the Bride finds that Venue first, because their website recommends her highly. Not only do they recommend her, but through her guest posts, her services offer a variety of solutions for any challenges the average Bride might be facing.

You don’t have to directly compete to claim business from fellow marketers. More often, sharing your information with a non-competing business in the same industry will gain you better publicity, and more paying clients, by a show of support for your business within the network.

Speak Up –

Local clubs, organizations, and businesses often hire speakers, but some have a serious need for speakers to show up for Breakfasts, Lunches, or Dinner meetings without having to pay them. Be that speaker. Show up and offer your services as a speaker for those events, sharing your business links, a business card, and your quick intro, elevator speech, to see how many new customers you can snare.

Invite them to visit your website, and sign up. Better yet, get their first name and email address, so you can sign them in for your newsletter.

Generate Buzz & Popularity –

Both online and off, generate a buzz and be the popular expert in your industry. If you’re the go-to person in your industry, people will find you. They will seek you out and locate you. Then they will buy from you.

Of course, you’ll want to build those relationships, and get to know every single person who connects with you, and there are a few fun ways to be that person.

  • Be seen online.
  • Be transparent in your communications.
  • Give the reader what they want with every communication.
  • Be yourself.
  • Invite the reader to know you better by visiting your about page.

The key really is to be known, be personable, be recognized, and develop that popularity that is so important with growing a business. You don’t really need a lot of money. You NEED a lot of personality.

If you really think you can’t afford to hire marketing services, a consultation might be a more affordable option and we can help you coordinate your marketing efforts.

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