Shots Fired.

I always thought it was a little bit interesting that no matter how hard I try to edit the murder mysteries when my children are NOT watching cop shows on television, I always get right there to the part where the guy gets shot off the top of a building and suddenly I’m jolted upright in my chair by the sound of a gunshot. Then… I realize my kids are watching another cop show with blasting guns on the television.

Yikers!Jan Verhoeff writer
The process of editing best sellers (before anyone knows they’re best sellers) may well be my favorite part of my writing career. It’s always been my habit to write a stellar review of books I edit, in preparation for their release, the minute I send it back to the publisher. I love that part. I get to write a review that I know will be rocking the marketing process before the book goes public… So, there you have it…

The crash test, the litmus test, for a book comes through the editors. Do they like it? Does it read well? Does it flow? Is it intense enough?

The credibility factor of writing a book is often tested on the editors, even moreso than the publisher… because the editors actually read through the book. They don’t read the book to find out if someone else is interested in reading it. They read the book, a minimum of about seven times through the editing process. If they still like it, you MIGHT have a best seller.

So today, I’m reviewing a book for the last and final time, and I’ve read through this chapter at least a dozen times, trying to make sure the murder victim isn’t dead before he gets shot (okay, it’s an editor thing…) and here I am, intensely sitting on the edge of my chair – AGAIN – and as the gun is fired, a ruckus breaks out on the television and shots are fired. I scream. I jump. My chair rolls out from under me. Here I sit on the floor in front of my desk… thinking. WHY? Do I let them have a television in the house? Is it really for sound effects that intensify my editing jobs? Really?

This book, with or without the sound effects, gets a five thumbs up from me. Am I going to tell you what book it is? Maybe… When I post the review and the link in my blog…

But for now, I just want to share with you that the author of this book, is a writing student of mine. She’s been listening to me teach writing classes, character development, and other classes, since she started stringing words together to create a sentence. If you want to write books that keep your readers on the edge of the chair, or falling off the chair, I recommend my writing course.

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