Six Figures?

Are you ready for a six figure income?

Learn how easy it is to have a 100% online business bringing in six figures every single year, and let’s put YOU online!

Before you jump off the page and go spend another hour surfing the web to figure out how you can do this without paying for it… Let me share a secret you probably don’t know about me.

Coach ApplicationI spent a long time working to figure out how to build an online business without paying for a mentor, or a coach to tell me how to ‘do it’ too. I knew that if anyone else could do this, I could do it too. I mean, I’m a smart girl. I could figure this out, easy… Right?

Well, I worked a long time trying to figure it out, and quite assuredly, I made some serious cash income doing it. And I was working my butt off to do it.

Those of  you who know me, know I still have a big butt.

Well, there’s a reason for that. I spent a lot of butt-in-the-chair-hours, working HARD to build my business online.

Then I got smart and hired a coach…

I was tired of chasing my tail, and falling out of trees because I couldn’t catch the darned thing.

In fact, I was sick of playing the ‘games online’ to try to make it happen without spending hours in front of my computer. I was frustrated with building my business to make money, and not having the time and money to ‘live the life’ I wanted to live in the process. I wanted it to work without me spending HOURS online every single day of the week.

When I told my coach… A man I’d known for many years online, he started laughing. I thought he was going to laugh at me for the rest of the entire day. I was getting pretty ticked, then he said what I realized was the most honest, sincere thing, I might ever hear come out of a coach’s mouth.

“You’re not the only one who has overworked this process and wasted years trying to ‘go it alone’ because THIS WAS MY STORY TOO.” 

So, I jumped to a conclusion, and decided he wasn’t making enough money to ‘live the life’ either. And we dodged answers and questions for the next two hours, while the waitress poured cup after cup of coffee down us.

Then I realized what he was really telling me.

We’d been doing it, all along.

We already had what it took to make the money, do the work, and build the dream business online. But we weren’t applying our ‘secret knowledge’ to the process, because we hadn’t claimed it yet…

No, I’m not talking about some law of attraction, name it and claim it game, here. I’m talking about serious application of principles that you and I, and he know, and have known all along, because we use them in every other single area of our lives.

When you build a marketing empire, at least the simple marketing business empire that will bring in a good living wage, repeat business, and steady income, you don’t have to spend every waking hour WORKING.

Living a good life takes time, and you need to adjust your work hours to include the good life too.

I’m betting you’d feel pretty darned good right now if you knew how to bring in a decent income every month, and still spend time with your family, right?

How would it feel if you had the exact, complete step-by-step plan, with guidance to do everything I do, including scheduling out time with the family, away from your desk, to build your online business and have a profitable income each month, from that business?

If you had the traffic sources, email campaign, and marketing system I use in your hands, right now… And knew that in just 3 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week, you could build a business online and have time to spend with family and friends, doing what you love? Would that improve your life?

You won’t have to guess and research anymore. You can have complete clarity in what you need to do, what you need to do next, and how to apply each bit of information that you have in your hands, until you’re making cash money… If that would feel good, I’m going to believe in my heart that you will love this as much as I do!

So, what if I told you right now, that by following the simple blueprint that I’ll send you, and being accountable to follow the program step-by-step, in 30 days, you’ll have an automated marketing funnel with at least 3 – under $100 products to sell, on auto-pilot, in your 100 day email campaign where you’re gaining 500 to 1000 new subscribers each month. And a $25 membership program that can be paying you $2500 or more each month. All of which will be growing each month as you continue to build your business online?

How would it feel to have your own guru-style business online, where you’re full-scale marketing yourself, and your own knowledge, with products that will help people achieve their goals, in your own niche?

You’ll be driving the traffic, creating the products, and developing actionable, residual income from your own online business – CHANGING LIVES – because that’s what you do, when you share what you know.

Do you think you could follow step-by-step instructions, stop jumping around from bright shiny object to bright shiny object, and do what has to be done to build your own $3K per month business online?

I believe you could.

Let me tell you a story…

Seven years ago, I moved to Denver. Struggling to make ends meet in a small two bedroom trailer in my hometown… (Let’s be real transparent here, the back door was literally duct taped onto the trailer, because it was so old the door frame was falling out.) But I moved… Within 3 months of moving to Denver, we were able to move out of our tiny two bedroom apartment into a larger condo with two balconies – I mean, this was “UPTOWN” compared to anything I’d lived in as a single mom, for quite a while. Life wasn’t easy, but it was better.

Three years later we were able to move into a nice house in the suburbs.

I felt like I’d achieved my goal, and life was happening the way I wanted it to. Then, my business partner’s wife abandoned him, and for a few months after that life went crazy. He couldn’t cope with single life, and committed suicide, which destroyed my business on a level I couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

I will warn you, grief is ominous.

Two years later, even AFTER hackers took out my websites last winter and destroyed my affiliate marketing business, I’m STILL back on track for making six-figures this year.

It’s exciting to know that EVEN if you build it once and something crashes you to the dirt, you can rebuild it once you know how to use the SECRET information I’m going to share with you in this program.

You CAN build it! And you can rebuild it as often as you want to or need to, because this is a viable plan that anyone can follow once they know how to use it.

So, let’s take a look at what’s going to happen once you are part of the program and we’re taking these steps, one at a time.

Once  you enroll in the program, you’ll get a 30 minute consult, following which you’ll be telling me the exact sub-niche where you’ll be building your business. Specifically, the people you want to impact, and how your business will make a difference for them. (I’ll be helping you figure this out, on our call.)

We’ll be digging into the plan for your business, what it will look like, and how to customize it to suit your personal skillset, knowledge, and ultimate desires. I’ll be helping you generate a base plan, through email exchanges and possibly another phone call, as we pull it together.

Within the first 30 days, you’ll have a basis for your business, and content, developing your email campaign, your products, and your innovative upsell funnel to convert your list into buying clients.

Since our goal in this process is to give you a $2500 income each month (and consistently growing) we’ll focus on generating a structured marketing plan over the 90 days we’ll be working together to achieve your goals.

Do you think this program will alleviate some of your fear?

Without the fear, could you more readily concentrate on getting things done, rather than guessing, testing, or just hoping the plan will work?

At the end of this program, here’s what you’ll have going for you:

> 1000 subscribers on your list (at just $2.50 per month, per subscriber, that’s $2500, anything more than that moves you over the value and toward your six-figure goal).

> You’ll have  determined 3 major traffic sources to keep your list growing each month as you continue building your business online.

> You’ll have three products worth up to $100 each, selling on autopilot, through your 100 day email campaign.

> You’ll have a 100 email campaign set and scheduled to drive traffic to your marketing funnel.

> You’ll have a complete upsell/downsell funnel that your subscribers are referred to as they receive your automated email campaign.

> People who purchase your products will be directed to the next level email campaign.

> You’ll have the option of creating your own coaching call & I’ll assist you in the process of determining the whole value of your coaching program, and teaching you how to charge for these calls.

> You’ll have access to the personal coaching sales letter I personally use to enroll an estimated 500 – 1000 $97 (or more) per month clients over the past 8 – 10 years. (With this program, you have the potential to have 10 – 20 clients in this program by the end of the 90 day coaching program.)

And more — you’ll be charging $100 – $500 an hour for your marketing expertise (along with having actionable leadership available if you have questions).

Your goal for this program is $2500 a month, but if you follow the directions, and do the work necessary to achieve your personal product creation goals, you could easily exceed those financial goals.

Are you excited?

If you’re tired of chasing your tail, following and building someone else’s dream, creating products with no place to market them, or worse, doing NOTHING to get yourself out of the rut you’re in, needing money constantly… Isn’t it time to grab ahold of something that will give you a schtick of success?

If you’re done chasing your tail, let’s get to work.

Before I give you the direct link, and we get started on this program, I’m gonna have to give you the reality check…

This program isn’t for everyone.

If you’re not willing to do the work required (minimum of 20 hours a week doing what I tell you to do during this set up program) then, I’m telling you right now, this program is NOT for you. It just isn’t. Because doing what you THINK will work instead of what I tell you to do, just don’t cut it.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick thing, a wand to wave and no real work or effort to achieve your goal, this isn’t for you.

If you want an automated campaign just dropped in your lap, this isn’t it.

If you don’t care to build a marketing niche, grow a list, and use the skills you already have to design products and services for your niche, this is NOT for you.

Just close the page and move on… Seriously.

I’m only interested in working with serious people who are dedicated to making this happen. I don’t want to waste your time or money, if this isn’t you.

In a moment, we’ll discuss how you can enroll in this program and work directly with me.

Before we do that, I want to let you know that if you aren’t willing to do the first week’s work, you’re lazy, or spend your time griping and complaining instead of working, unwilling to let go of bad work habits and lack of work ethics, if you aren’t willing to let go of the place where you are right now… I will kick you out of the program and send your money back to you.

Yes, my friend, I am that serious about only working with people who are interested in doing the work, working with me, and building a Dynamic Niche Marketing Business Online.

You see, the thing is…

Not only will you be working with me, but ultimately, you’ll be networking with each other, exchanging ideas, maybe co-producing products, services, and using each other’s skills, abilities, network, and systems to grow your business, and if you won’t work with me, I can’t TRUST you to integrate your business with another client’s business.

I want to trust you. I want to work with you. But if you’re not ready, I refuse to risk someone else’s business to someone who isn’t willing to build their own.

If you’re still here…

Let me give you a little glimpse of this process, and how it can benefit you and other clients.

Once your business is up and running, usually within the first 30 days, I have an amazing technique that you can use with another niche marketer in a relevant niche to create a brand new product in just 7 days… Imagine for a moment, having 12 Dynamic Partners with whom you can build 12 different products over 12 weeks time, and each of you are sharing products and services with people in your funnel – and their funnels – with recommendations and referrals, you can make anywhere from $25 – $97 for any of these products. How will that change your life?

Think about this…

Each of you are working to build a list of 500 to 1000 new members each month – so, say, 12,000 people looking at your new $25 product, each week… If each of them buy your product, that’s $300,000. Realistically, you’ll sell to about 1% of them, so 120 people will most likely buy your $25 product, so $3,000 a week? Do you think that might make a difference in life as you know it right now?

Now, do you understand why I don’t want low-end marketers who won’t ever do what it takes to build their list in this system? I have to protect YOU from them, and that means it’s my duty as a leader to also protect THEM from you.

So, if you’re still here, and you know you’re going to shuck this program off and not do it, step out now. Close the screen and go back to whatever it is you prefer to waste your time doing… This program really is not for you.

But if you’re still here, dedicated to making this work and following directions to make a profit and grow a business online, let’s get started.

This is a life changing program!

Not for the faint of heart…

If you’re still here, you’re truly serious about changing your life, making a difference in your world, changing your habits and truly removing yourself from the rat race, from the treadmill you’ve been running and designing a REAL Dynamic Niche Marketing Business Online in the next 90 days. Here’s where I show you how.

I’ll work with you, show you the EXACT Blueprint for Building your Dynamic Niche Marketing Business Online, where you’ll have an automated funnel of at least 3 $25 – $97 products to sell on auto-pilot through your 100 day email campaign. You’ll be getting 500 – 1000 new subscribers each month, and you’ll have a $25 a month membership program, adding up to monthly revenues of $2500 or more… EACH MONTH.

Obviously, this program isn’t cheap. There’s an investment of time and money that goes with this program. The price alone may filter out people who aren’t dedicated to investing in themselves, in making a difference, and in working hard to make this program happen over the next 90 days.

Let’s talk about the investment.

The first part is time… There’s a dedicated investment of 20 hours a week if you’re a quick study and can apply the details readily to get the work done, it may take less than 20 hours, but you’ll want to set aside 20 PRIME hours of your week to this program. Whether that’s four hours a day for five days, or two ten hour days (I can tell you right now, you’re not going to like THAT work schedule for long), the time you dedicate to this right now, will determine your ultimate success.

Then money… We’re not talking second mortgage, or even the cost of 5 years of college, although, at the end of our 90 days, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more than you did if you spent 5 years in college, because this is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE. You don’t have to go borrow $20K to do this. But you will be making an investment, first in the program, and then as costs develop through the process of growing your business.

This is important…

You’ll want your money and your time in the game, because that’s how you make a commitment to achieve your dream.

I need to share a little story here, because it will help you understand the difference between contributing to a cause or being totally committed. You may have heard this little story before, but it’s important that you understand the difference between making a contribution and total commitment.

The farmer’s son was a handsome lad, off to make a name for himself in the world, and before he left the farm he had to raise some money for his adventure. He often consulted the animals on the farm when he ventured out into the world, and this was no different. As he sat in the barnyard visiting with the animals, he told them of his venture and all the animals offered to help him achieve his financial goal.

The goat contributed milk to be made into cheese, the cow contributed milk to be made into butter, and the chicken contributed eggs to be sold. As the animals meandered around the barn and farmyard, the goat said to the cow, “We’ve all made great contributions to the farmer’s son’s adventure, except the pig. He’s contributed nothing.”

The animals chatted behind the back of the pig, complaining that the pig had contributed nothing to the financial goal of the farmer’s son. For days, they complained, until the farmer’s son was about to leave for market with his cheese, his butter, and his eggs. At last, with the cart filled with their contributions, the farmer’s son dressed in his Sunday finest, the animals gathered around to confront the pig.

“We’ve all contributed to the farmer’s son’s adventure, except you. What have you to contribute? And why have you not offered your contribution?” They demanded.

The pig responded, “You see, each of you made a contribution, and once your contribution is made, you remain here in the farmyard, alive and well. Even the sheep contributed their wool to the farmer’s son’s financial goal. But, I had a greater decision to make, because you see, I have nothing to contribute. I love the farmer’s son as much as any of you, but the only thing I have to give, is a total commitment. I won’t be returning to the barnyard, alive and well.”

And the pig was loaded into the wagon, to be delivered to slaughter.

The moral of this story is that ANYONE can contribute to their own success, but once you make a total commitment, you can’t return to the barnyard.

When you make a commitment, your life is changed forever.

I don’t want you to make a contribution to this program. I don’t want you to return to the barnyard to happily eat your grass and hay, frolic and play in the same place you were when you began the program. Of course, I don’t expect you to BE the bacon, I do expect you to be committed to CHANGING your life forever.

I want your whole-heart commitment to this program, to making it work, whatever it takes over the next 90 days.

I’ve worked with many people who have made their goals in those first 90 days, and many more who took a bit longer. Thing is, I’m going to teach you the same things I taught the people who made their goals in the first 90 days, and it’s up to you to apply what you learn and move forward with the opportunity to build your own business online.

I’m here to help and hold you accountable for taking action.

I’m pretty transparent, and many of you know that I lost much of my business two years ago, and suffered another huge set-back in December when my accounts were hacked. Losing your identity and your business, can be a killer emotionally and financially, but it can also inspire you to REBUILD.

I’m rebuilding. And I’ve realized through this process that I’ve gotten darned good at applying the principles, and getting the job done. And even more… I’m good at helping other people build their businesses too.

Once again, I started from scratch… This time, because someone hacked and destroyed my accounts, but, I’m succeeding at the task, and I can show you how to accomplish the same thing.

I’m willing to take you on as a client and teach  you, step by step how to accomplish your goals, work with you one-on-one when needed, or in small groups, as needed. I’m going to give you what you need to succeed.

I’m leveraging my time, to give you the best option, and instead of charging you $7500 for this program, I’m going to offer you full access to this training, for just $997 a month – for three months.

No second mortgage, no major investment to do this – just a commitment to pay this reasonable amount for my time and effort over the three months while you work to achieve your goal.

Enroll now to gain full access for three months:

Are you ready to change your life?

I understand this is a huge jump for you to make, and you’ve been struggling. A part of you is thinking this can’t possibly work. And I understand that.

The thing is, if you can’t trust me, and apply my methods to your business online, this isn’t going to work anyway.

So, if  you don’t trust me enough to join this program for three months at $997 a month, nothing I can say at this point is going to change that.

I can’t give it to you for FREE, because you won’t take action.

I’ve done that before, and people never apply the lessons, take the steps, and do what has to be done, because they have no investment – and they’ve made no commitment to do what they have to do to succeed.

Building a $100K business online is quite simple, when you do what has to be done. But if  you’re not doing those things, it isn’t going to happen.

If you’re ready, click the subscribe button below and let’s get started.

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