You own a business, or you’d like to own a business, and you need Social Media Marketing.

DISCOVER How YOU Can Take Social Media Marketing From Fun To Profit By Starting Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency!

So often, I meet people who need income, would really like to have a job, but they’ve used up every resource they have, and can’t find one. They’re all on Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media source complaining that they can’t start any business… But here’s one that they can do without much investment at all – everyone has a cell phone and access to the Internet these days!

How do you get small businesses to pay you to be their
Social Media Marketing Agent?

If you can run a smart phone, type a text or private message, and you’re willing to learn a few basic elements of marketing you can gain incredible profits from working a few hours a week and own your own business. Are you interested in using those social media skills to make some cash?

Why would you listen to me?

I’m sure many people COULD teach you the skills I’m willling to share with you about social media marketing, most won’t, or they’ll charge you more than I’m charging… But the real reasons why you should listen to me (and yeah, pay me to teach you how) about social media marketing, is that I’ve been doing this for quite a while – marketing for more than 40 years, and social media marketing for nearly 20 years.

Some of my recent media clients have said,

“I’ve more than doubled my income in the past four months since you’ve been working my social media!”

“My sites get more hits when you’re my social media marketer than they ever got before. Thanks, Jan!”

“My page ranks are climbing steadily. We’ve had very few low days the search engines since you started working our social media.”

“I didn’t think it would work, but now most of my new clients come from social media, blog posts, and my list. I’m loving it!”

Social Media Marketing is by far and away the easiest, best way for any business to increase brand recognition, and gain profitable results from marketing. There are literally thousands of new businesses and triumphant social marketing success stories. New or old, businesses are finding success with social media marketing – whether they hire an SMM expert or learn to do their own SSM.

You’re probably wondering how and why social media marketing is so successful. Well, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Successful:

#10 Reason – Fun and Educational

#9 Reason – Gaming Your Business Options with Profits

#8 Reason – Celebrities and Emotional Overload

#7 Reason – LOL Your Way to Friendship

#6 Reason – Network with Friends for Career Advancement

#5 Reason – Locate New Resources and Connections

#4 Reason – Share Your Amazing Life in Pictures

#3 Reason – Inspire New Trends

#2 Reason – Better Informed About Best Real Deals

#1 Reason – Meet People and Stay Connected in the World

Social media influences our lives and behavior dramatically. Everyone checks social media constantly, most of our phones are set to ding when we get a message, and who doesn’t check their social media when they’re out about town?

My kids often send me a tweet or a private message instead of texting. That’s how much I use it. They know I’ll see their messages. As a business owner, this concept is powerful.

Still, most businesses fail at social media marketing!

The secret keys to social media marketing are long practiced marketing strategies that can easily be taught, maximized, and programmed out to be valuable assets for a business. As a Social Media Marketing Agent, your business connections will gladly pay you thousands of dollars each month to manage their social media marketing.

Businesses will gladly pay $1,000 or $3,500, or even  $5,000 (often times more) for someone to manage their social media marketing. If you’re experienced, and successful at marketing via social media, showing your expertise, and poving your experience could land you the job of your dreams. Are you ready to think about your NEXT client?

Even a small business marketing budget of $599 a month can make a huge difference in the profitability of a company. If you can show sufficient proof of your expertise, either in results, or via other methods of proving your marketing skill, you can set up a service-based business that provides recurring monthly income as an agent. The more business accounts you accrue as you grow your SMM Business, the more likely you are to gain higher paying clients.

Before I sell you the SERVICE option… Let’s talk about the possibility of setting up your very own service-based business doing social media marketing for thousands of dollars each month.

In this training program, I’ll cover a broad selection of details that you need to operate your own profitable social media marketing business. I’ll teach you how to set up your business and create the basic business plan you’ll need to successfully achieve the income of your dreams. There are some minor costs to doing this, but they’re minor, compared to the cost of setting up some businesses. And I’ll walk you through that process.

I’ll cover a variety of specifics in this program, but we’ll start with these:

How to arrive at your goal monthly income within six months (although some may achieve this sooner).

How to use a variety of communications methods online to help any small business grow faster, with an audience of followers who quickly achieve strategic marketing goals.

What automation programs to use to maximize your effectiveness and time-management within the social media marketing business.

Details about setting up and managing your SMM Agency including a variety of forms, documents, and apps to help you get the job done from whatever corner of the world where you might be working.

How to choose a name,domain, and web hosting company for your website that will help you to captivate an audience of buying clients.

What equipment you need, and how to use your cell phone to operate and manage your SMM Agency. I’ll even offer recommendations for upgrades, and equipment purchases to keep your business running strong.

How to make any business interesting, marketable, and profitable through personalized, signature brands, and brand recognition on social media.

Why even a small service industry requires marketing funnels, lead collectors, and monetized systems. You’ll have opportunities to learn some of these systems.

How to initiate a buyer discussion with your customer, and what to say to help you negotiate winning agreements and contracts.

What types of businesses are most likely to pay the most for your services.

How to automate social media marketing bases for some hands-free programming to make the most effective use of your marketing presentations.

How to locate clients and convince them to pay you for valuable services, providing steady cash flow for your business.

Which methods of tracking work best to manage both social media marketing, and results generated from marketing effort, in order to maximize your marketing message to new clients.

What business model to use with your new program to accomplish your marketing goals, income requirements, and increase the ultimate resources to your clients.

How to avoid trading time for money, so you can be paid for your knowledge, not just your time.

Obviously, this is the best time to get started setting up your SMM Agency, and you’ll be making some pretty amazing cash fast, because there are so many businesses busting through the roof with new profits this winter. Growing a successful business online has never had better opportunities.

Receive all of this training for just $247 per month, six month subscription required.


Here’s a quick 6 Month Game Plan –

  • What you’ll learn.
  • What you’ll do.
  • Where you’ll go.
  • How much you Can Make:

Month #1 – You’ll learn the essential elements of what constitutes strong social marketing media and how to:

  • Pick your niche
  • Form your company
  • Start your business

Month #2 – You’ll begin to master social media as you market your NEW online business of social media marketing. You’ll learn:

  • How to use checklists.
  • How to create guidelines for marketing.
  • How to design a marketing strategy for each business.
  • How to present timely tweets, facebook posts, and what to post.
  • How to use templates.
  • How to ALWAYS be in the FRONTLINE of Marketing Endeavors.

Month #3 – You’ll have mastered social media marketing and be working with your first social media marketing client on expanding their marketing strategies. And you’ll be:

  • Presenting sales plans to more clients.
  • Managing successful social media marketing scripts for yourself and your clients.
  • You’ll be adding new, working scripts to your repertoire, and increasing your business checklists.
  • You’ll be acquiring new high-value customers.
  • You’ll be closing deals on a frequent basis.

Month #4 – You’ll have mastered the multi-market social media marketing process, and be working on an automation program to free up your time, and maximize your marketing efforts. You’ll be:

  • Adding more clients as you automate your marketing system.
  • Increasing income producing markets and adding more businesses to your cache.
  • You’ll be making your services available to a broader and broader marketing list, consistently growing.

Month #5 – You’ll be serving an ever growing, productively producing marketing list, consistently increasing your income with automation practices that allow you to work from anywhere you choose. And your business will have:

  • a consistently growing marketing list.
  • automation processes that work effectively with increasing numbers of clients.
  • the ability to hire assistent marketers if you choose to do so.
  • strategic resources and a recognized brand.
  • a list of paying customers who refer you to others.

Month #6 – You’ll be sitting in the profit rocker, ready to roll more business than you’ve ever had access to in your life. And this is the moment when you decide how to move forward. You can:

A. Be a Social Media Marketing Agent and run your business on social media alone, with the automated system we’ve provided.

B. Add an additional income stream, and continue growing your options with a sales funnel that generates income through automated marketing efforts.

C. Start using our Bonus Option to remarket your business and move on to greater and bigger marketing endeavors.


Receive all of this training for just $247 per month, six month subscription required.