Sometimes We All Need Encouraging Words

Recently a friend was banished from Facebook for her political views. Views I might add, which I totally agree with. Her words could have been mine, and although I hadn’t commented on either post, I had ‘liked’ both. She, however, was reported and banished from Facebook for 24 hours for posting such horrid truths. She shall remain unashamed for life, as we discussed later that she celebrated her politically incorrect barbarism by going out for ice cream. For shame!

Lisa NolderThe point however, was that I stood up for her among friends, and spoke out against her being banned for something many have posted, said, and believe, and many of our friends commented in response. After her 24 hour banishment, she responded to many of the comments, and then wrote a post directed to me.

Jan Verhoeff – you are a loyal and trusted friend, but above all of that, you are a true patriotic woman of strong Christian faith, mother of our nation’s finest, and the patriarch of your clan in which you have instilled the best morals which comprise the foundation that our country was formed upon. I can only offer you my friendship, loyalty, honor and respect. Thank you for the information about Facebook being a privately owned company – that breaks it down and makes a lot more sense. I always appreciate your posts, but I appreciate your kind words and loyalty even more. I know you well enough not to question your sincerity, your knowledge, and your boundaries. Social media would be a stellar platform, ideally, if everyone exhibited the characteristics of you and those of your friends.

Not only do her words make me feel good, but they reminded me that we often need encouraging words of friends to keep us focused on our own values. It isn’t that our values go lacking, or even that we’d fail if we didn’t have any encouragement, but rather that it’s easier to stay on the true and narrow road, if we know others notice. When we’re held accountable to a certain level of character, by others whom we admire, trust, and respect, our pride in self grows and we become even more self-aware of how we present ourselves.

Social media isn’t always the best place to post your thoughts, but when your thoughts truly represent your values, it won’t matter where you post them. Stay true to your own character and own your principles. Voice your position, but remember to share with others your support  for their positions as well. It truly is important to hold each other accountable.

Stand firm.


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