Yes, my friend, you do need a squeeze page for your website. You need a page where people will sign up for your FREE gift.

I have an idea.You need a page where people will become part of your list.

You need a place where the dynamic of what you’re teaching your audience can be obtained via email, with frequent reminders to ‘visit my website’, or ‘take a look at the information I provide’, and every now and then, you’ll be able to market a viable product to your well targeted market.

The objective of building a list is not so much a place to market what you do as it is a way to build your network and grow your team.

When you think of your list as the team of people who back you up, support your business, and motivate you to achieve success, you’ve got the right team on your list. One of my favorite ‘leaders’ says,

“Building a trusted network increases your resources and chances of success – professionally & personally.”

Ann Zuccardy

Building a squeeze page doesn’t have to be difficult or hard, it can be as easy as picking up the phone and calling someone who will do the ‘work for you’ while you grow your market, develop your niche, and create products and services to market on your list.

A squeeze page on your website is the only way to build a quantified list using your own business and achieve your ultimate goal of having a team of your own. There are many ways by which you can accomplish this task, but the one I offer is reasonable, easy to use, and full of active details that you can apply to your business.

Besides, it’s an affordable way to get started using a squeeze page.

For just $129.95 you can have your very own squeeze page, building a list, where you can broadcast your blog posts, and ultimately send out email campaigns of your own.

NOTE: You MUST already be a website client of mine to purchase this squeeze page. It is designed to work on my websites only.

Other squeeze pages are available at different prices.