A blood curdling scream could ruin a good day for almost anyone.

Yesterday, the blood curdling scream happened when I stepped out the front door, onto the tail of an unsuspecting squirrel. I’m not sure if it was me or the squirrel screaming.

I was barefoot. So, while I’m sure it didn’t feel good, I don’t think I hurt the squirrel. More likely, frightened him out of seven years growth and a winter stock of nuts, but he ran fast enough to the tree to convince me he wasn’t badly injured. I, on the other hand, stood there staring at the squirrel, wondering if I’d ever be able to move again.

The process of not stepping on the squirrel had left me with a somewhat injured ankle and tears in my eyes.

After several moments, I calmed down and decided to test my ankle. It wasn’t badly injured. Just mildly sprained, and I continued to walk on it a little the rest of the day.

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Within a few minutes, I realized the squirrel had found a perch on the edge of the fence just visible outside my office window.

I could feel him watching me.

I kept working, and he kept watching.

Finally, I got up and moved to the window with the phone to take some pictures, but they were a little bit hard to get. He was too far away, and through the screen, I wasn’t getting a good shot.

“So, Skew, the least you could do is come close enough for me to take your picture,” I invited.


“Skew,” I named him, “How about that for a name, it’s shorter than Squirrel, and you’re kind of looking at me skewed…”

Nothing. The squirrel wasn’t talking.Squirrel

“Okay, I see how it is. You’re up to no good and going to play invisible. Well, it ain’t working. You’ve been caught. But I have work to do… Leave my passwords alone!”

So, I left him sitting there on the fence watching me – or pretending not to watch me – and went back to work. I was busy writing, and not thinking much about him, until he jumped from the fence to the window sill. Where I missed getting a picture of him because I was too busy screaming bloody murder again.

So, if you wondering what it is about squirrels that take your attention away from whatever other, important things you’re doing, now you know. They have shock factor.

It isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, unless you sprain your ankle or fall of your chair when they surprise you. But, it is a thing.

And now that the windows and doors are open for spring, it will be an even bigger ‘thing’ to have squirrels in the neighborhood. I may need to feed them some nuts. Keep them around a bit more, and let them enjoy my summer.

I’m sure they’ll fill my blogs with fodder.  Squirrels can be inspiring, and even motivational.

Skew is becoming my best friend.

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