Business Development – The best part of starting your own business is being able to figure out what lights your fire, and doing that with passion. 

Business Development

Start up Business Development Package

Let me help you put your business development idea into action! 

If you’ve had an idea for a while now, but you haven’t put it into action because you’re not sure where to go from ‘here’ – I have step-by-step directions – let us help you put your dreams into action!

We can pull together every thing you need –

a high-powered front page website
logos, stationary, and print marketing materials
online marketing strategies & plans
effective social media marketing programs
consulting & coaching plans designed to put you into action
a comprehensive list of regulatory directions to get you started
and so much more…

good idea Yes, you need a Consultant!

If your idea is rockin’ hot, but you’re not sure how to put it into action, call me.

My consulting packages include brainstorming sessions, planning sessions, marketing strategies, detailed graphic designs to kick off your logo-brand marketing programs, and so much more…

You’ll even get top-shelf advice on setting up your business structure and financial strategizing for the best tax plan. Make it a package deal.

Web designWebsite? Of course, you do…

We offer expert web design for small to established businesses. Obviously, you need a website. First of all, it must be responsive, ready at a moment’s request to provide ample details to your mobile users, without distracting sizing issues. Secondly, your content management system must work flawlessly to allow updates, added and removed pages, and editing details as your business grows and your site expands. Your customers need constant access to you – from our website design to your profit margin – contact our web development expert for MORE information, and details to help you get started, immediately.

Graphic brand domination –brand recognition

Your logos, printed materials, and web work should have the same feel, and it will with our graphic elements and copy. Dominant characteristics of your business transported to your customer via logo, color, design and words, is the only way to bring your business to the top. These define you! We share the definition.

This is where you identify with incredible clarity who you serve and begin domination of your niche. How will others see your business? You decide…

Brand Your Business

Our Business Development Start Up Package –

  • Kick off consulting – 6 – one hour visits with our consultant who will help you determine the business package most effective for your new business start up.
  • A selection of 3 logos designed for you by our designer – after your visit with the consultant, using your business name and slogan, with a graphic.
  • Free 1 year hosting with purchase of Website Design package & maintenance plan – we’ll have a good basic understanding of what your website includes after the consultation.
  • Essential 3 – 5 page website package with content management program included.
  • Graphic brand recognition concept – for use in your print and web marketing presentations, as well as a defined market.
  • Marketing plan & single page business model strategy for success.
  • Business structure, marketing strategies, and documentation requirements – these will include basic elements, details, and directions for business development.

Let’s get you started with a 20 minute consultation to determine your value pack and specifically what you need in a starter package. The elements of this package can be adjusted to suit your needs, and you’ll be presented with a written proposal designed to provide exactly the products and services you’ll be using, together with an option to either pay for the complete package ‘up front’ or over a three month payment plan.

Our commitment to you:

“Your success means our success!”

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