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I opened an email earlier today offering training for that last season, the final quarter of the year, and all that good stuff… Well, here in Colorado it’s Football Season. That isn’t the LAST season of the year, it’s THE season of the year.


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Not only is it Orange and Blue season, but it’s the season of the year when moms have time to do their business, my craftier clients have time to craft, and my writer clients are sending their families off to the football game once a week, so they can WRITE like crazy and make some serious money to support their football habit. (Superbowl is costly, and we all like to go. It’s an annual thing with the Broncos – we go Superbowl.)

About an hour after I opened that email, I got a call from a client who wanted to know if I’d be around, available, for dinner tonight.

It’s Saturday night and I’m not dating anyone, so yeah… I’m available for dinner. So, we plan a dinner date for about 8 PM, and the day goes on…

Well, I got suckered.

I’ve been stood up so many times by this particular client that I’m no longer expecting not to be stood up.  In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks I need her more than she needs me, which brings me to the point of this message.

Several months ago, I met a client who wanted some information from me, and information is pretty much my business. So, I answered their questions and gave them the information they asked for. Life was good. I was busy with a whole long list of clients and some were more needy than others, but I was busy making a living, and enjoying my business. More than anything, I was enjoying the opportunity to serve some quality clients, and provide answers when they needed them.

Then my life shifted. Circumstances changed, and I ended up living out a ‘challenge’.

I never let the challenge steal my sunshine, but I may have allowed it to steal my vision, or perhaps, it just changed my vision? If I say it stole my vision, that would imply that I no longer had the vision, but I did. I do still HAVE my vision. I’ve just allowed it to change somewhat to fit the differences that I’ve encountered.

This week has been a week of revelations. Big and little revelations, but reminders that I’m still here, my purpose still exists, and my dreams and visions are still there. Even while I was pairing them down to fit the new ‘view’ the vision persisted. And today, as I took a quick breather to prepare for the evening (yeah, that dinner that isn’t happening) I realized that I still have the Big Vision. I still want that!

Not only do I want it, but it belongs to me.


At first I thought, hey, my dream sold, and my vision was kind of wrapped up in the dream, but today, I realized that the dream wasn’t in the structure, but rather the light. My dream, my vision, was the light. The vision comes out of the brilliance of the light that removed the shadows, gave a glow to the structure, and brightens my life. The vision remains, no matter how often the structure sells to someone else; the vision is mine.

The significance of the vision is all wrapped up in the glow and brilliance.

I remember the moment the dream became mine…

I’d met a Bridal Client at her parent’s home, and leaving the residence, I got caught in a circular neighborhood, near the end of a bare asphalt street a circular drive allowed me space to turn around. It was early evening, a fine autumn mist had been falling for more than an hour, and the drips of water had become mixed with flakes of snow. At the end of the circular drive this unfinished house stood lit up with workmen, still applying finishing touches to the interior of the house. Before I could back up to make my typical three corner turn around, one of the workmen had come out of the house and recognized my car. Call it coincidence if you must, but I believe it was fate. He waved for me to stop, and I did. He then invited me inside to see what he was doing. I parked and went inside.

The floors, walls, and fixture rooms were complete, and the lighting was on throughout the house. With so many windows, it was like a gleaming diamond, even on the inside, everything new. The guys were done, hauling out any left over tools, polishing woods, and wiping down the surfaces. Every surface sparkled. I ooohed, and awwwed, every room, imagining my furniture choices, my color choices, and my designer touch to the custom design of the home, and more importantly, I imagined my art on the walls. 30 plus years later, the walls have been every color imaginable, and I still visualize the glow of that rain wet night, when I first saw the dream.

That’s when I first met the guy who sent me the message this morning. Back then, he was the frame-finisher who worked with my friend the contractor, who invited me to see the house. I was married to my first husband, and working as a Bridal Consultant for a firm downtown, and when I met this guy, I never, EVER, expected to see him again – unless I hired my contractor friend (whom I had known most of my life) to build my own house. Well, that wasn’t the case, and ultimately, it was a good twenty-plus years before I met him again, at a function for online marketing representatives and leaders.

So, this is where I tie all this up in a nice little bow, so you’ll understand where this rabbit trail took you.

The email this morning offered a compound program, including much of the information that I shared with that client a few months back, before my circumstances changed, and before I misplaced my ‘vision’ for lack of a better description. When I got the email, it reminded me of the client and I decided to check up on her, before the client that keeps standing me up all the time called, and while talking to her, I was reminded of my vision, my dream, and my house – the one that just sold again last November to yet another somebody that isn’t me.

The email program is kind of pricey, I’ve offered the same program for several years for $97 a month, including some conference calls, and random personal responses to questions, to help my clients personalize the details to their business, and this guy is offering it for $297 a month. So, I talked to my client and asked her how it was all working for her, she said she’d just sold her fifth house this year, and her income for the year is toppling over the $1M mark with this sale. She’s happy. And she’s still using the guidelines I gave her for marketing her houses, and getting the best price. It’s still working, but she’d like to have some more training, to get better at bringing on new houses to market.

I offered to add her to the training messages, and mailings, and conference calls, at the $97 value, and she said, “Why don’t you raise that price and let’s do something a little more valuable. You’re really awesome at setting up the email programs, you want to charge another $100 a month, make it $197 a month and help us set up the email programs too? I’d like to have that package.”

So, here it is… For $197 a month – minimum of 6 months – we’ll schedule training sessions once a week, via conference calls, they’ll be recorded so you can listen to them again if you want, and I’ll send out some transcripts, if you’d rather have them in written format, all that plus the email program like she’s asked me to set up for her – it’s very similar to one I use in my business all the time – and the training to use that email program in the same package.

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The training program will include:

  1. How to create successful marketing programs for your business.
  2. How to build a massive list of raving fans who BUY what you sell.
  3. How to email those fans and make thousands of dollars every year using simple, structured marketing techniques and strategies that work for ANY business model.

For right now, this post is on my blog, but if the numbers get to be too large, I’ll be pulling it off and limiting access.

I know many of you have worked with me on one level or another, many just using the free information I offer to website clients, and some hiring me for spot marketing programs, or to market their products for them, but there’s way more to this program, and you deserve to know how it works.

I have been more than willing to share the secrets of marketing with all of you, but you’re only getting the random ‘suggestions’ and not applying the full actions which would take your business from ‘just getting a few bucks now and then’ to successful, booming business, with a growing, hungry clientele who WANT what you offer.

This program is step-by-step, the exact program I’ve been using to build my business, and grow my clientele. It works. I’ve trained many successful marketers how to do this, and I’ll train you too, if you’ll let me…

What do you say? Are you ready?

Let’s revisit the dreams, build those visions, and make them happen. Let’s do this, together.



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